Access Ford US Paystub Online at AT Ford

Employees of Ford Motor Company can access their paystub and yearly W-2 forms online at  The Ford employee website is a one-stop shop for employees to utilize 24 hours a day 7 days a week with links to a variety of Ford company services.  Employees that need assistance with the website can follow this brief guide.

How to Use Ford Paystub Login 

Before employees can directly access their Ford check stub they will need to follow a few steps to get to the actual login page.  The first step in the process is to visit the @Ford Online homepage (  You will notice the homepage is in a magazine style with lots of Ford info including important links at the top of the page.

  • Find and select the Inside Ford link at the top of the page
  • From Inside Ford page select U.S. Employees
  • From U.S. Employees page select U.S. Employees:  Your Pay
  • From Hourly Employee Sites page select U.S. Employees:  Your Pay
  • From Hourly Employees Your Pay page select Your Paystub / W-2 icon

The last page is where employees can directly login and access their Ford employee pay stub.  This login screen is specifically for At Ford com hourly employees, salaried, and retirees to utilize with their login credentials (userid/password).  

Ford Employee Paystub Login Details

You should already have your Ford employee login info before trying to access the site but if you’ve forgotten either part (userid or password) simply select the appropriate “forgotten userid/password” hyperlink for online assistance.

Once logged in employees will be able to view their paystub online in electronic form with the same info that is displayed on a paper check.  You will see info such as your name, address, wages earned, tax withholdings, company deductions, etc.  

Instead of having to navigate from the home page of @Ford Online to get here, employees can simply bookmark the My Ford Paystub login in their browser and click to that page from their browser the next time they want to login to save a few steps.  

Ford Paystub Reminders

When logged into MyFord Paycheck you will be able to save your paystub to your computer or send to your printer for printing, if you need a hard copy.  Paystubs are available at least 3 workdays prior to payday so you will need to login then.  Past paystubs can be found in the archive storage.

Employees that are enrolled in direct deposit, please note that direct deposit are available on the company designated payday.  Any questions you may have about your Ford paystub should be directed to your Hourly Personnel office or Labor Relations office – questions such as contact info changes, change to tax withholdings, put stop payment on check, questions about your pay rate, etc.

Ford W-2 Info

Ford hourly and salaried employees will receive a paper W-2 in the mail but can also use the online W-2 from inside My Ford Paystub account to electronically file taxes.  Your W-2 displays the total payments you received during the last pay year.  To make changes to your tax exemptions/withholdings complete a new W-4 form and turn it in to your hourly administrator for processing. It typically takes from 1 to 2 pay periods for the change to take effect

Ford HR Online Paystub FAQ Section

Employees that may have questions about their Ford paystub online can refer to the FAQ section on the Hourly Employees Your Pay page.  The page lists frequently asked questions on the following topics: deductions, paystub, taxes/W-2, and Money Network Payroll.  You can browse through each section and see what questions are commonly asked.  There are also phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, and other links to assist you with answering any question you may have.

There are also forms available for download at My Ford Pay such as the Ford Credit payroll deduction, United Way deduction enrollment, stop payment request, and direct deposit enrollment.  You won’t need to stop by the HR office to ask for a form, they are available for you online and can be downloaded wherever you are.


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