Mybarclaycard Loan – Login to Pay Your Bill

BarclayCard customers that have a BarclayCard Personal Loan can utilize the 24 hour online secure website available at to access their loan information.  From the website users can view their personal loan details, check their balance, make online payments, change their profile information, and more. Login

To login to your online account you will need the login credentials you created when you applied for a loan via the online application site.  You will enter your username and password on the homepage of MyBarclayCardLoan and then click Login.  If you entered in the correct information you will be logged into your account.

Customers that may have forgotten their login credentials can utilize the self help feature at the link “Forgot username and password?”  You will need to enter the last 4 digits of your social security number, date of birth, and primary email address.  This option will retrieve your username and reset your password.

Access MyBarclayCardLoan Via Mobile Devices

As a result of having a username and password BarclayCard customers are able to access their account while on the go.  They can simply use their web browser along with having internet access via their mobile device or smartphone and access the BarclayCard login page.  Enter in your login credentials and you can monitor your account including make a payment.

There is no need to make a phone call to customer service or wait until you get home to use your home computer.  You have the same functionality from via your mobile devices.  

Making an Online Payment

The great thing about using the mybarclaycard loan service is it’s free to use.  When your monthly loan payment is due you can login to your account and either make a one-time manual payment or setup the automatic repeat payment feature that will pay your bill each month on schedule.  You will simply need to select the day of the month for each month that you want your payment to be electronically drafted from your checking or savings account.

The BarclayCard personal loan website is a secure service for accessing your loan info and paying your bill.  You can setup email notifications each month that will remind you of an upcoming payment due date and if you’ve missed a payment.  There are no late fees assessed when you miss a payment but the interest continues to accrue.  

Keep in mind that your personal loan can be paid off early without being assessed any prepayment penalties.  You can also pay your loan off faster by making larger payments or by making extra payments each month.  

Contacting Customer Service

Customer Service can be contacted depending on your issue via the MyBarclayCard Contact Us link at the top of the homepage.  There are phone numbers for General Inquiries, International questions, Fax number, and for any complaints.  Customer Service is available by telephone 7 days a week between the hours of 8am to 8pm Eastern standard time.

They also have listed mailing addresses for the BarclayCard Card Services division as well as any loan billing disputes, loan payment issues, etc.  

Customers should take advantage of their online access at so they can conveniently monitor and manage their BarclayCard personal loan.

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