mydashcard – Check Your Balance

mydashcard – Check Your Balance

Employers or employees can login to the MyDashCard website to access their account and view their company spending.  The website provides access and services for the following cards:

  • Dash Purchasing
  • Dash Digital
  • Dash Payroll

With each card employees are allowed to receive their pay faster, manage their spending, and track all of their transactions online or while on the go using the MyDashCard mobile app.

How to Access MyDashCard

To access your spending account online cardholders can simply follow these instructions to get started:

First Time Visitors


  • Click the green Login button
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Click the green Login button

Forgot Password

If you happen to forget your password it will need to be reset via an email you will receive in your inbox

  • From the homepage click the Forgot Password link
  • Enter your email address 
  • Click the green Continue button

How do I check the balance on my Dash card?

To check your Dash prepaid business card balance you will need to login with your login credentials to the website or use the mobile app.  When you login it will display your balance.

MyDashCard Portal Benefits

Fast digital access to wages for employees

Saves time and money eliminating paper checks

Reduces fraud with electronic paystubs

Cardholders can spend, pay bills, transfer funds, and manage money from one card

Employers can monitor spending of employees in real time

Purchase everywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted

Each card’s transactions and card balance is available in the Dash dash app or dashboard

Dash Payroll Card Mobile App

If you choose to use the Dash Payroll Card on your mobile device you can simply download it to your smartphone or tablet.

Provides access to real time info and features while on the go

Download app from the App Store or Google Play


Activate your account

Check balance

View transactions

Track spending

View statements

Pay bill

Freeze and unfreeze card

Use Apple Pay or Google Pay

Transaction notifications

ATM locator

Deposit checks using Mobile Check Deposit

Transfer funds between accounts

Contact Customer Service

Call 1-855-730-7655


How Employer Funds Dash Mastercard

Employers can fund their employees individual Dash cards by following these instructions:

  • Login to
  • Link your account to your business bank account
  • 3 bank accounts can be linked to your Dash Card account


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