RushCard Live Reloadable Prepaid Visa Card

The RushCard Live Reloadable Prepaid Visa Card is a great option for consumers interested in an alternative way of shopping online or paying their bills.  The card comes with a Visa logo that is accepted anywhere you shop whether online or in retail stores.  It can be used the same way as any Visa credit card except it doesn’t require a credit check to receive a card nor are you extended a line of credit.  The Rush card is much simpler than a credit card and is available in retail locations nationwide for customers to pick up and add money to the card directly.

The only fees associated with having a RushCard after you pick one up from a retailer is the $4.95 load fee, $1.00 per purchase transaction fee, and a possible $5.95 monthly fee depending on how often you use your card or how much money is maintained on your card.  For the average person the fees are manageable and are less stressful than fees associated with a credit card.

People with poor/bad credit can benefit from the RushCard because with this card they have the same conveniences as credit card holders.  The main difference between a prepaid card and an actual credit card is the prepaid debit card does not affect your credit history at all.  Do not expect to build your credit score through the use of a RushCard because it is a prepaid debit card that requires you to spend your own money that is loaded on your card.

The option to have your employee paychecks loaded onto your card via direct deposit is available to cardholders.  The maximum cash value any card can hold through direct deposit is $10,000 or $2,500 with a cash load.  With direct deposit paychecks can be paid out up to 2 days faster than waiting for a paper check to be given to you.

Cardholders can also conveniently access their account online at and monitor all of their account activity.  Inside their account they can pay bills and have checks sent out to creditors.  There is also a mobile app for Android and iPhone users enabling your account to be managed on the go.  Get your account balance via text and see recent transactions.

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