– Texas Roadhouse Employee Login

Texas Roadhouse employees have 24 hours a day 7 days a week access to their payroll and benefits information online.  There is an established Texas Roadhouse Employee Info Page on the net for employees to login and securely view their employee file which is located at  The site requires employees to create a username and password which will allow them to view their entire payroll/benefit records online.

Texas Roadhouse Employee Login

Employees using the site for the first time need to first go through the registration process available via the “I Am A First Time User” link on the employee info homepage.  There are a series of steps and questions you will need to answer to verify you’re an employee of Texas Roadhouse.  You will need to enter your first name, last name, date of birth in the following format mm/dd/yyy, and the last 4 digits of your social security number.  This will setup your username and establish a temporary password.  The next step is you will be directed to the Texas Roadhouse Ultipro sign in page at to use your login credentials there and access your paystub information.

Once you’ve completed the registration process you will be able to use your newly created username and password to access your employee payroll file which can now be accessed through your home computer, mobile devices, public computers, etc.  Always be sure when you’re using a public computer to login to your account be sure to successfully logout so your company information can be protected from unauthorized users.

Texas Roadhouse Payroll

The Employee Info Page is a huge convenience for employees because they can view their paystub online anytime they want.  They can check their number of hours worked, pay rate, amount of taxes coming out of their paycheck, deductions, benefit information, etc.  Many questions they would normally have for their HR/Payroll department can now be answered by simply logging in to their payroll account online.

At the first of the year when it’s time for filing taxes employees can login to their account and view/print out their W-2 for tax preparation.  They won’t have to wait for the W-2 to arrive in the mail or for their employer to hand them out.  All of their tax information can be seen at the Employee Info Page and they can make their own decisions about when to file their taxes.

Via the Texas Roadhouse Ultipro site employees have easy access to their payroll file and provides them some options to make edits to their personal information and communicate with their Supervisor and HR.  They can make requests such as leave or vacation requests from inside their account as well as view their work schedule.  The site is a resource to employees as they have more access to their personal file and company information.

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