Use JTV PayPal Credit at Checkout

PayPal Credit is a new payment option available for JTV customers when they are in checkout preparing to purchase an item.  For customers who may not have other credit options they can consider the short application process for PayPal Credit and once approved they’ll be able to make continued purchases at and anywhere else PayPal is accepted.  The great thing about a credit line with PayPal is customers can either pay for an item all at once or over a period of time.

The steps for completing the online application process is very simple for customers.  After selecting the item you want to purchase the next step is to select PayPal Credit on the payment page.  There will be a few short questions to answer then terms to be accepted and within seconds you will receive a decision on your acceptance.  There is a credit check that will take place to see if you are credit worthy but all of the details of getting accepted are very minimal in comparison to applying for a typical credit card.

Be aware as you’re applying for credit you will need to provide your billing address, date of birth, last 4 of your social security number, review and sign an E-sign Consent, and accept the terms.  After you’ve been accepted you will be able to use your new line of credit with PayPal over and over again at JTV or anywhere it’s accepted.

Guests and first time buyers on will need to go through the credit application steps for each checkout they decide to make in the future.  For registered customers of JTV they will be able to use their credit for each order and PayPal will be an option they can simply click during checkout.

To see a list of stores that accept PayPal Credit take a minute and browse the list of stores available at  To also get started with applying for credit visit

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