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Consumers that received a mailer from Credit One Bank advertising a pre-approval for a credit card can take advantage of the offer at www.2eFb8e.com.  If you look at your mailer you should also see information on how to apply for a credit card by telephone or mail.

To apply by mail you will simply complete the paper application you received with your mailer and submit it back via your postal service.  This option is however the slowest way to know if you’ve been approved and can take up to 7 days so consider this in advance.


Credit One Bank Pre-Approval Code

The fast way to get accepted and extended a credit line for a Credit One Bank credit card is to apply online.  They have a quick application and acceptance process which after you finish your online application you will receive an instant decision.

  • Visit www.2eFb8e.com
  • Enter your Credit One Bank pre-approval code
  • Enter your social security number
  • Click the blue Continue button
  • Complete the rest of the application
  • Receive an instant decision within 60 seconds

credit one

After you’re approved for a credit card you will be extended a credit line and your new card will be mailed to your mailing address.  

Check Your Status

If you did not receive an instant decision at the end of the application process check back to 2eFb8e.com at a later time.  There are many different reasons why applications aren’t instantly approved.

At the bottom of the homepage where it states, “If you have already submitted an application, click here to check your status” then click the click here link to see your application’s progress.

You will then need to enter your last name and social security number then click the blue Check Status button.

If you were referred to Credit One and would like to pre-qualify for a card notice the section, “If you have not received a credit card offer from Credit One Bank, click here.  Click the click here link and on the See If You Pre-Qualify page enter the following details:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Ssn
  • Date of birth
  • Total monthly income
  • Click orange See Card Offers button

Credit One Platinum Card Benefits

  • Earn 1% cash back rewards for eligible purchases

**Rewards post to your account automatically

  • Free credit score access monthly through Experian
  • Automatic credit line increases
  • $0 fraud liability
  • Customizable account notifications



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