www.aainflight.com – Watch American Airlines Live TV

American Airlines passengers that are flying internationally can watch live TV via the Aainflight website.  The website connects passengers to several channels broadcasting live news coverage.  The available international channels you will find are:

  • BBC
  • CNBC
  • CNNi
  • Sport 24
  • Sport 24 Extra

How to Connect to AAinflight 

Passengers that are interested in the international In-flight entertainment of live TV offered by American Airlines can follow these instructions:

  • Choose AA inflight WIFI network and visit www.aainflight.com
  • Click on the entertainment tab then choose the TV channel you want to watch 

If you are flying domestic and would like to watch movies via American Airlines, the movies can be streamed to your smartphone or tablet.  

  • Download the American Airlines App onto your device
  • Visit www.aainflight.com to download
  • Click Free Entertainment or Watch Now
  • Select the movie your want to watch


Airlines Wi-Fi Details

Passengers that fly with American Airlines can elect to preserve their cell phone data by using the airlines wi-fi system whenever they want to surf the web, watch movies, or stream live TV.  These capabilities are available via the aainflight.com streaming service.

To overcome the typical complications that are sometimes experienced with connecting to any wi-fi system such as trying to figure out the correct router name to connect to or locating the proper password to use for the login page, sites like the aainflight site help simplify matters.

Use of wi-fi during your flight is free but frequent flyers can also pay for access to wi-fi at all times:

Pay As You Fly

Access wi-fi that is available on all routes for as little as $10

Pay Monthly

Join the Monthly American Airlines Plan that is $49.95 monthly



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