Activatemycards – New Credit Card Activation Online

Consumers that recently got approved for a credit card from their bank or credit union and recently received it in the mail can activate that card online at  The site is available for cardholders to access around the clock any day of the week.  

Users can also use their smartphone, mobile devices, home computer, or public computer to access the site to activate their card.  You simply need an internet connection to get online.

Activate Card Online at

At the Activatemycards website users will notice that it’s a basic site that is really simple to use and get your card activated safely and securely.  Many banks and credit unions use the online service for their cards so you don’t have to worry about whether this site is safe or not.

The first step is to select the Let’s Activate My Card button.  Next you will need to enter your card number then select Submit.  It’s helpful to have your new credit card handy so you can copy/enter the 16 digit card number directly into the Card Number field.

After entering in your number you will be directed to the next stage of the activation process.  Be sure to enter your number without spaces or dashes, enter as is.  It is likely you will be asked to enter your security code found on the back of the card and the card expiration date.  

Activate By Phone

Cardholders can decline the option to activatemycard online and follow the phone activation route.  To follow this route you will need to call 1-800-411-3690 and follow the phone instructions towards activating your card by phone.

ActivatemyCards – Only For Card Activation

Please keep in mind that Activatemycard is just an online activation site and no more.  You won’t be able to access your credit card account from this website.  This site is merely a 3rd party website that serves one purpose, activating your card.

If you need to access your credit card account online you will need to visit your credit card website via your bank or credit union to register for online usage.  You should be able to find information about this process via your bank website or by speaking with someone at your bank.

After you properly and securely access your credit card via you can then begin using it to make purchases.  

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