www.creditoneoffer.com – Pre-approved Credit One Bank Visa

CreditOne Bank customers that received a pre-approval offer to apply for a CreditOne Bank Visa credit card can visit the online application site to apply.  The entire application process is quick and easy only requiring a few minutes of your time.

Credit One Offer Approval Code

Before heading over to the application website to get started the first step is to locate your Credit One Offer approval code.  It will be highlighted on your offer letter.  

  • Visit www.creditoneoffer.com
  • Enter your approval code
  • Enter your social security number
  • Click the Continue button


Complete the rest of the application, you will need to enter some personal details such as:

  • Name
  • address
  • Annual salary 
  • Employer
  • mortgage/rent amount
  • Social security number

When you are finished with the creditoneoffer.com application click the Submit button and your application will be immediately processed and you’ll receive an instant decision.  Be sure you use correct information when completing the online application.

The decision making process is quick and will take about a minute or so.  If you are approved you will be notified right after your application is processed and extended your new Credit One credit limit.

There is no guarantee that you will be approved even though you received a pre-approval letter and code.  The information you supply on your application is very important to your approval or denial.

Requirements To Apply

To apply for a Credit One Bank credit card consumers must follow a few guidelines of eligibility:

  • Must be a legal resident of the United States
  • Applicants should be at least 18 years old
  • Having a good credit score is not a necessity to apply

Credit One Bank cards are designed for individuals with average to low credit scores.

Application Info

Most customers that apply for a credit card through creditoneoffer.com will receive an instant decision but if you do not you can check back later using the Check Your Status link at the bottom of the application home page.

If you want to apply for a Credit One Bank credit card but wasn’t formally invited via mailer and do not have an approval code you can refer to the bottom of the homepage and click “Don’t have your Approval Code – Search Now.

Contact Customer Service

Any questions you may have concerning the Credit One offer application process can be directed to customer service at 1-800-752-5493 7 days a week, the schedule is below:

  • Monday to Friday 5am to 9pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 6:30am to 5pm

People living outside the US can dial 1-702-405-2042.



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