www.dyson.com/register today – Register Your Dyson Product

Dyson customers that recently purchased a Dyson product can receive extra benefits by registering their product online.  Along with receiving these benefits they can also activate the warranty that came with the device.  

Registration Benefits

  • Exclusive savings events – save up to 20%
  • Free health check – free preventative maintenance at Dyson service centers
  • Receive sneak peeks at latest Dyson products
  • VIP Hotline – 7 days a week support
  • Reviewer Program – invitation only reviewer program
  • Machine Information – helpful tips

Dyson Product Registration Steps

When registering your product you should have your proof of purchase handy and simply follow these steps:

Enter in the following details:

  • Email address
  • Password
  • Click the box indicating if you want to receive exclusive offers, discounts, the latest product news, upcoming Dyson events, etc.  
  • Click the black Save & Continue button
  • Indicate which Dyson product you purchased

www.dyson.com/register today

Dyson doesn’t stop caring about their machines once they’re yours. Registering your product allows Dyson to give you a tailored, complimentary, direct service for your machine. Even after your warranty has ended, Dyson will still be on hand to help.

How to Activate Your Warranty

By registering your product you are also activating your warranty for parts and labor.  When getting started with the warranty activation you will need to have your product serial number on hand.

  • Visit www.dyson.com/register today
  • Text “register” to 48121
  • Complete the warranty form that came with your product and mail back
  • Call 1-866-693-9766

Contact Customer Service

Call 1-866-693-9766

Monday – Friday 8am to 8pm CST

Saturday 9pm to 6pm CST

Email questions@dyson.com


Dyson Inc

1330West Fulton Street, 5th Floor

Chicago, IL  60607


www.dyson.com/register today

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