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If you’ve seen the infomercial on television of the Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Drone that is available at then you may be experiencing random thoughts about the quality of this product because many infomercial products aren’t necessarily what they’re advertised to be.  Well, it turns out that the Helix Sentinel Drone is one of those infomercial products that is a true gem.

air hogs helix sentinel drone review

One good thing about this product is it is available for purchase on and you can read the reviews of customers who have already purchased it to see how they like it.  Currently there are 7 customer reviews on the Helix Sentinel Amazon product page that visitors can read.  Amazon customers have surprisingly given the product a 4.2 out of 5-star rating which is a great rating.

Another advantage of checking out the Helix Sentinel Amazon page is the price of the drone is 36% lower than the website.  If you’re looking for a deal then Click for Helix Sentinel Best Pricing!!

Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Drone Review

According to the Air Hogs Sentinel Drone website the Sentinel is called “the new ground-breaking first-person video drone.”   The drone is remote controlled and comes with a FPV Headset allowing you to receive a first person view while flying the drone indoors or outdoors.  You see everything the drone sees while flying via the FPV Headset or you can attach your smartphone to the remote and fly without the headset on.  The Helix is capable of sending video footage to your headset or other devices simultaneously and it can be recorded for sharing with your friends.  It streams video content directly to your smartphone or mobile device in 720p HD while in flight and it also has the capability of taking pictures.

get helix sentinel

Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Get Here!

Another great feature of the Helix Sentinel is the Obstacle Avoidance Sensors that prevent the drone from crashing into objects.  When it gets too close to an object it will stop and backup which is a cool feature preventing you from damaging the drone unnecessarily.  Like other drones the Helix Sentinel with hover in mid-air thanks to the Barometric Pressure Sensor which works well.

FPV Headset

The strap on FPV Headset is able to stream the drone while flying in 720p high definition directly to your smartphone or mobile device.  There is a slot to place your smartphone inside the headset where it fits perfectly.  The VR headset has a left and right focal image so when you put the headset on with the smartphone inserted you will receive a 3d image.

The headset has focus adjustment settings on the top and sides of the device which extends the smartphone out or in depending on your vision adjustment needs.  Video footage of your flight can be recorded to your smartphone or onto the included 4GB Micro SD Card.  The drone will also take pictures as well.

Remote Control

The remote control that operates the drone has a slot to put your smartphone or mobile device allowing you to view your flight directly from the remote.  There is a switch on the remote to turn on or off the Obstacle Avoidance Sensors meant for beginning to expert users.  Taking off and landing has been greatly simplified with the use of 2 buttons on the remote.  There is a specific button for taking off and a specific button for landing.  The remote also offers switches for turning on and off recording/streaming and taking in air photos.

air hog helix sentinel drone

Helix Sentinel Drone

On the Air Hogs Helix itself there are notable features that customers would be interested in learning about.  The drone has an HD 120 degree wide angle lens camera that is adjustable upwards and downwards.  You can customize it the way you’d like.  On top of the drone is the power switch, 2 HD antennas, and a micro USB connector for recharging.

Underneath the drone are the sensors which are located on each side of the drone.  There are 4 sensors that are primarily used as the Obstacle Avoidance System.  The Barometric Pressure Sensor is under these sensors which is used for height adjustment.

Drone Frame

The frame of the drone or the exoskeleton is removable.  When flying the drone indoors it is recommended to use the foam frame for better indoor flight and when flying outdoors it’s best to take the foam exoskeleton off for optimum flying.  There are ceiling protection sticks attached to the foam frame to help protect the drone from crashing into the ceiling during indoor flight.

Get Helix Sentinel

Visitors can purchase the Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Drone online at their website.  You will receive free shipping when ordering from the online website.  The deals comes with the Helix Sentinel Drone, FPV Headset, controller, storage case, USB case, 4GB Micro SD Card, 4 Ceiling Protection sticks, and removable foam body.  You will need to use 4AA batteries to operate the drone and the battery life is around 17 minutes.  It is designed for users age 10 and over.

The price of the drone from the website is $199.99 with free shipping or visitors can find the same product on for a reduced price of 36%.  Click for Helix Sentinel Best Pricing!!  Visitors will need to compare both the website at and Amazon product page for the best deal.

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