Getmydisneyvisa – Invitation to Apply For Disney Rewards Visa Card

With the Disney Chase Visa Card, you can take advantage of exclusive rewards and perks. For Disney fans, the card offers rewards while they enjoy their favorite Disney experiences.

In addition to earning Disney Rewards Dollars, the Disney Chase Visa Card offers many other benefits. Using the card, cardholders earn 1% in Disney Rewards Dollars on all purchases. Redeemable rewards include Disney merchandise, theme park tickets, any available discount, and hotel stays.

Consumers that received a mailer to apply for a Disney Rewards Visa Card by Chase can apply online at The invitation is exclusive for Disney fans that want to receive discounts and earn rewards on their purchases. All of the perks are geared towards cardholders enjoying savings from their purchased products.

There are 2 Disney credit cards that consumers have the option to apply for which are the Disney Premier Visa Card and the Disney Visa Card. When applying you can choose the card you’re more interested in depending on your credit score. Continue reading this content for more assistance.

How to Use Get My Disney Visa Invitation Number

You may receive a pre-approval or pre-qualification offer from Chase by mail or email that includes a unique code or identifier for your Chase Disney Visa credit card reservation number. Based on Chase’s criteria, this get my disney invitation number is linked to your personal information and to the specific offer you may be eligible for. You will need this number when applying for the credit card.

To take advantage of this offer the first step is to find your 12 digit Disney Visa Invitation Number.  This is required information when you visit the application website to get started. You will need to enter your invitation number, zip code, last name, and click the blue Submit button.  The invitation number is needed to access your personalized offer.

How to Apply for Disney Card at

The next step is to complete the online application to be approved for the card.  You will need to enter personal details such as your social security number, address, salary, employer, length of time employed, monthly mortgage/rent amount, etc.

At the end of the application process you will receive an instant decision on your credit card acceptance.  The decision making process only takes about a minute or so and you’ll be notified on the site if you’ve been approved to be a member for the Chase Disney Visa and your credit limit amount. Follow these steps for a successful online application process:

To apply for the Chase Disney Visa credit card using the reservation number:

Visit the Chase credit card application page specified in your offer or go to the Chase Disney Visa credit card webpage (

Look for an option to enter your reservation number or invitation code (sometimes found under a section like “Respond to a mail offer” or “Already pre-qualified?”).

Enter the reservation number, along with any other required information, such as your ZIP code or last name.

enter your invitation number
enter your zip code
click the blue Next button

Complete the rest of the application form with the necessary personal and financial details.

Review the information, accept the terms and conditions, and submit the application.

Using the reservation number streamlines the application process and may pre-fill some of your information. However, it’s important to remember that a pre-approval or pre-qualification offer does not guarantee approval for the credit card, as your eligibility will still be subject to a full review of your credit history and financial situation.

How to Apply for Chase Disney Visa Card by Mail

Fill out the paper application form with all the required information, sign it, and mail it back to the address specified on the form. Chase’s website or customer service can help you request a paper application if you don’t have one already. Please note that mailing an application may take longer than other methods.

How to Apply for Chase Disney Visa Card by Phone

You can apply by phone by calling Chase’s credit card application line at 1-800-432-3117. You can also find the phone number on Chase’s website or in the credit card offer you received. In addition to providing you with the necessary financial and personal information, a representative will guide you through the application process when you call.

Chase Disney Rewards Visa Benefits

The two cards that Disney has available for consumers to apply for at are the Disney Visa Card and the Disney Premier Visa Card.  Here is a breakdown of the card benefits:

Disney Premier Visa Card

Disney Visa Card

  • No annual fee
  • Get a $50 statement credit after first purchase with a new Disney Visa card
  • Earn 1% in Disney Rewards Dollars on all card purchases
  • Redeem Rewards Dollars toward Disney Parks & Resorts, Disney Movies, Disney Store, Disney Cruise Line
  • Special vacation financing
  • Save 10% on shopping & dining
  • Get access to exclusive Disney Visa Cardmember events at Disney store

When applying applicants will have their choice from 10 different credit card designs.  Some of the choices available are Sorcerer Mickey, Yoda, Tink, Pixie Dust, Darth Vader, BB-8, and more.


How do I earn Disney Rewards Dollars with the Chase Disney Visa credit card?

When you use your Disney Rewards Card, you can earn Disney Rewards Dollars on every purchase you make with it. You usually earn a percentage of Disney Rewards Dollars for every dollar you spend. Disney experiences, merchandise, and vacations can be redeemed for these rewards.

How do I redeem Disney Rewards Dollars earned with the Chase Disney Visa credit card?

It is necessary to request a Disney Rewards Redemption Card in order to redeem your Disney Rewards Dollars, which you can load with your rewards. The Redemption Card can be used at most Disney locations, including theme parks, resorts, and stores. The rewards can also be applied to Disney Cruise Line packages, Disney Vacation Club dues, and other Disney Cruise Line purchases.

What are the exclusive Disney perks and discounts available with the Chase Disney Visa credit card?

Aside from discounts on Disney merchandise, dining, and vacation packages, cardholders have access to a variety of exclusive experiences and events at Disney Parks, such as private character meet-and-greets.

Is there an annual fee for the Chase Disney Visa credit card?

The Chase Disney Visa credit card has no annual fee. However, always verify the most up-to-date information on fees and terms with the issuer.

How does the 0% promo APR for Disney vacations work?

For a limited time, Chase Disney Visa credit cardholders can take advantage of a 0% promotional APR on select Disney vacation packages and Disney Cruise Line packages. You can finance your Disney vacation during the promotional period without incurring interest charges. Please note that any remaining balance will be subject to the regular APR after the promotional period ends.


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