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Savage Loves Beets

The radio listeners of conservative talk show host Michael Savage can take advantage of an exclusive online offer to Buy 2, Get 1 Free of SuperBeets the Circulation Superfood at  This is an internet only offer that is not offered in stores.  The deal also comes with other free bonus gifts including the Beet the Odds book, nitric oxide indicator strips, and free shipping and processing.  The entire package is valued at $150.00 but new customers can receive it all for $79.90.

Other offers available through Michael Savage SuperBeets is customers can buy 4 canisters and get 2 free at $149.90 including the free gifts and free shipping OR customers can purchase a single canister at $39.95 without the added bonus items.  Single canisters are also available on for customers who simply want to try the product out.  Visit and purchase a single canister here.

The company that manufactures SuperBeets (NeoGenis Labs) has changed its name to HumanN and their products have a new look.  They have a catalog of beet superfood products on that can be purchased individually.  One of their best selling beet supplement products on is BeetElite which is similar to SuperBeets designed more for athletes and is sold at a cheaper price.  The product has lots of 5 star reviews.  Read more about BeetElite and purchase from Amazon here.

Michael Savage Superbeets – How it Works?

SuperBeets is a nutritional supplement classified as a superfood that aims to improve blood flow in the body which increases energy, endurance, and can lower blood pressure.  The product is based on the scientific evidence that beets have high levels of nitrates which produce nitric oxide in the body.  An increase in nitric oxide improves blood circulation which has a number of benefits for anyone.  Some of the benefits of improved blood flow are:

  • Increased stamina
  • Increased endurance
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduces inflammation

Beets also has other properties that are beneficial to your health such as cancer fighting properties, high in fiber, boost your immune system, cleanse the blood, and more.

How to Take SuperBeets

SuperBeets is a superfood that consists of concentrated beetroot crystals which easily simplifies how you receive your daily dose of beets.  Normally you would have to go through the work of buying individual beets and juicing them.  With SuperBeets you only need to take a teaspoon of the product, mix it with water, and drink.

Customers who have tried Michael Savage Superbeets and would like to leave a review for others to read can do so in the comment box below.  Humann has additional beet products on for customers to consider.  Visit and consider their beet supplement for athletes called BeetElite.  It is very similar to SuperBeets and is a popular seller.   Read the Amazon customer reviews to see what people are saying about BeetElite.

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