Discover IT Credit Card Pre-Approval Offer

Did you receive a Discover IT Credit Card pre-qualify offer in the mail recently?  If so then you are pre-approved for the card and simply need to visit their website at ( to apply online.  By receiving the mailer it’s an indication that some of your credit information that is needed to qualify for a Discover IT card is on file with Discover which will shorten the application process.

Your personal information needed to complete the online application is your invitation number which is highlighted on your mailer, email address, phone number, date of birth, social security number, employment status, gross income, and mortgage/rent payment.  After entering in this information you will receive an instant decision on your credit acceptance online which takes approximately 60 seconds or less.  Here are some benefits of having a Discover IT card:

Double Cash Back Earnings

The primary benefit consumers enjoy the Discover IT card is the rewards program.  Currently cardholders can take advantage of the Double Cash Back offer which after your first year of using the card whatever cash back points you’ve earned Discover will double your earnings.  If you’ve earned $200 in cash back points then Discover will double it to $400.

Every Purchase Earns Cash Back Earnings

Discover has a calendar that is broken down into categories that allows cardholders to earn 5% cash back bonuses each quarter.  As you make purchases that fall into these categories you’re awarded an extra bonus of 5%.  Any other purchases you make that do not fall into the categories will pay 1% cash back.  The key to cash back points is they never expire and they can be redeemed at any time.

No Hassle Fees

The Discover IT card has no unnecessary fees associated with it.  Cardholders don’t have to worry about annual fees, over the limit fees, phone transaction fees, etc.  The card is straightforward and users don’t have to worry about paying extra beyond their balance.

Free FICO Credit Score

To make sure cardholders are fully aware of their credit score at all times users who utilize their Discover online access will have access to their credit score in real time.  It is posted inside your account for customers to review once per month for free as a convenience for being a cardholder.

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