TBS Activate – Watch TBS Via Streaming

If TBS is the home for many of your favorite TV shows or TV programming watching these shows from your favorite streaming device is definitely a plus.  

TBS is available from the following streaming devices Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Xbox One.

To get started with the activation process for your particular device visit www.tbs.com/activate.

TBS Activate For Your Device

At the TBS activation website the steps for activating your particular device is very simple.  The website is self explanatory and you just need to follow the instructions.


  • Menu choices are Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Xbox One

tbs activate


  • Select pint Submit button

TBS App Features

Once you’ve correctly activated your device you can now begin viewing your TBS video content.  There are TV Shows, Movies, Live TV, and Extras in the app category section for viewers to select from.

Shows Section

In this section is where you will locate most of the video content available through TBS.  To help you navigate the site and find the content that you’re looking for each TV show has its own feature artwork including the exact number of episodes you can expect through the app.

Movies Section

The movies section has a variety of content but the movie catalog is not as large as the TV shows catalog.  Each movie has an expiration date along with the title length and description.

Extras Section

The app offers an Extras section where you can view content without having to enter an activation code.  It is available free. You will be able to see trailers, interviews, and behind the scenes options.

Live Stream

The Live Stream option allows you to watch whatever TV Show or movie that is currently airing.  This is a great option as users can live stream from anywhere that has an internet connection.

TBS is a subsidiary of the Turner Broadcasting network.  The brand has a network of TV programming including HLN, TNT, Cartoon Network, and TCM.  



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