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Seniors looking for Medicare coverage can turn to the eHealthinsurance website  This website is being advertised via their infomercial to attract seniors to their online catalog of Medicare plans.  Visitors will need to check out the Medicare plans offered to see if any fit your needs.

ThisCard800 Medicare Advantage Membership

The thiscard800 website offers a Medicare Advantage membership card to anyone with Medicare or for those that will be joining soon.  The card is all-inclusive and has a host of benefits associated with it, here is a list:

  • Pharmacy
  • Medical
  • Medicare Part A & B covered
  • Hospital care
  • Doctor visit
  • Dental care
  • Prescription drugs
  • Eyeglasses
  • Gym membership
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Healthy meals
  • Vitamins
  • 24 hour nurse hotline

All of these services are designed into this one card, one membership, and one complete package of Medicare benefits.

The major highlight with using eHealthinsurance is depending on your zip code where you live you may have a $0 monthly plan premium.

Getting Started with eHealthinsurance

There are 2 ways to getting started with eHealthinsurance which is online or by phone.  The online option is more convenient as all of the plan information is accessible and available for you to see.

You will be redirected to where you can browse through select plans available per your zip code.

You will be given a list of Medicare plans corresponding to your zip code with 3 categories to choose from:

  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans
  • Medicare Part D Plans

Each category will list the number of plans available for customers to browse and choose from.  Each plan offers visitors a good description and summary of the plan so you can make the best decision, here’s what’s in each description:

  • Insurance company
  • Plan name
  • Monthly premium amount 
  • Primary doctor co-pay amount
  • Specialist co-pay amount
  • Drugs covered
  • Doctor coverage
  • Plan features
  • Click View More Details link for additional plan info which provides:
  • Plan star rating
  • Annual in-network deductible
  • Out of pocket maximum
  • Office visit for primary doctor/specialist co-pay amount
  • Inpatient hospital coverage info
  • Prescription drug deductible
  • Dental co-pays
  • Vision co-pays
  • Hearing exam co-pays

Browse through the list of insurance plans, when you’ve decided click the blue Enroll Now button and complete the 3 step application:

  • Applicant Info
  • Eligibility
  • Review & Submit

Enroll By Phone

  • Call 1-800-413-8610

eHealthinsurance Plan Details

According to the website being a member has its benefits and here’s some stats they offered to prove this out:

  People that have the membership have:

  •  23% fewer hospital stays
  • 33% fewer emergency room visits


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