Uspayserv Login to View Paystub

Employees of companies that utilize USPayserv as their payroll provider can access their paystub online at  The site is available to users 24 hours a day 7 days a week where employees can go to view their paystub information for the current pay cycle or previous pay cycles.

Through USPayserv users can login to their account from their home computer, public computer, mobile devices, or smartphones while on the go.  This platform allows them the autonomy to view their payroll info anytime they want to review their pay info.

How to Login

Employees can login to their paystub account by visiting the USPayserv login and entering in their login credentials.  To successfully login you will need to enter your Username, PIN, and Employer Code.  All of this information should be provided to you by your employer.

If you misplace or can’t remember your PIN you can utilize the troubleshooting feature on the homepage via the “Forget your PIN” link.  Clicking the link takes you to a screen that asks for your Username, Employer Code, and Default PIN then select Save.  This process will reset your PIN.

After logging in you will be able to view your USPayserv paystub in electronic form which is an identical copy of your paper paystub.  It shows your hours worked, deductions, wage info, name/address, overtime hours, etc.

USPayserv Benefits

There are a number of benefits employers have when associated with USPayserv payroll service.  The biggest benefit is saving money on printing checks and having to mail them out to all of their employees.  The postage, envelope, and paper costs can now be saved because paystubs sent electronically are so much easier and more cost efficient.

Employees are not dependent on their HR/Payroll departments for payroll info as they can now just visit the USPayserv sign on, login to their account, and review their own account information.  Any questions they may have about their hours worked, tax info, or deductions can be answered by simply logging in.

From the website users can also retrieve their USPayserv W2 which will be available during the season for filing taxes.  Employees will be able to view and download their W2 from the website and use for taxes.

USPayserv Website Features

Any other questions users may have about the service can be answered by calling the UPayserv customer service center at 1-866-612-8471 or submit your question via email at  When submitting a question via email allow 24 hours or so for a response.

There are other features available to users that may be included with the website which are Interactive Voice Response to access pay information, fax back service, text messaging of pay information, or email distribution.  You will need to check with your employer for more details on these services otherwise rely on for all of your paystub info.

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