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Employees of companies that use 3rd party payroll provider Payroll On the Web can login to their account online at www.mypaydetails.com.  The online site is available for users to access 24 hours a day 7 days a week from their home computer, public computer, or on the go via their mobile devices.

The Payroll On The Web Employee Self Service portal allows employees access to their payroll information including their paystub which can be printed out for tax and personal loan purposes.  From the site users can view their paystub in electronic form and it displays their name, address, pay info, deductions, benefits, personal time accruals, commissions, etc.

Login to www.mypaydetails.com

The first step in the MyPayDetails login is users will need to select the language they speak between English and Spanish.  The next step is to enter the 1st 4 letters of their last name, last 5 numbers of their social security number, and their password.  The initial password for first time users is the first 4 numbers of their social security number.

After entering in the above information click Submit to be taken inside your online account.  Before logging in to your account employees should consider make sure they have a document reading software installed on their computer or mobile device.  You will need this when trying to view your paystub or for downloading it for printing.  There is a download link for Adobe Reader that you can utilize.

If you’re unsure about your pay calculation there is a link on the portal page to Paycheck City Payroll Calculators that will allow you to double check your pay calculations to be sure you’re paid correctly or if you have concerns.  At the top of their website they have calculation options such as salary, hourly, gross up, bonus pay, 401k, and more features.

Once inside your MyPayDetails account you can view your paystub and double check your hours worked and pay info.  The same information that is recorded on your paper paystub statement is available in electronic format inside your account.

MyPayDetails Paystub and W-2

By utilizing the online web portal employees can better manage and monitor their hours worked and pay around the clock.  Their electronic paystub is always available for viewing and they can also view past paystubs from their account.

When it’s time for W-2’s to be given to employees the MyPayDetails ESS is where they will find their yearly W-2 form.  It will be available electronically and can be downloaded to whatever device they want to save and print a copy from.  The online site ensures employees will receive their W-2 faster in comparison to the mailed version.

The electronic version saves the company money on paper and mailing.  Employees now have more autonomy over their paystubs which is a smoother transition for the HR department as well.  If you haven’t begun using the ESS site visit www.mypaydetails.com and get started.

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