Comenity Pier1 – Pier 1 Credit Card Login

Pier 1 Imports customers who have a Pier 1 Rewards Credit Card can access their account online at  The Comenity Pier 1 website is available for customers to access their rewards account online 24/7 from their home computer, public computer, smartphone, or mobile devices.

Comenity Pier 1 Overview

The Comenity Pier 1 website is free to use and provides cardholders the option to login and view all of their account information including their current balance, credit limit, past/recent transactions, billing statements, rewards information, access to contact information, and more.  The online service allows members to keep track of their credit card transactions while on the go via their smartphone or home computer.

Pier One Comenity is available to all Pier 1 Rewards members by simply enrolling in the online service.  After enrolling and creating your login credentials you’ll have access to your account anytime including weekends.  All of your financial information concerning your rewards account is safe and secure using the highest level of security to protect customers personal information.

Pier One Credit Card Login

Cardholders who have not signed up for online access can get started today by clicking the “SIGN UP FOR ONLINE ACCESS” link at the top of the Account Center homepage.  You will need to enter your account number during the registration process and create your login credentials (User name and Password).

One of the major benefits of managing your account online is the opportunity to login to your Pier One Comenity account using your smartphone or mobile devices.  While you’re away from your home or work computer you can easily check your account via your smartphone.  There is no need to contact customer service or call a 1-800 number to receive an update on your account concerning your balance or recent transactions.  All of this information is conveniently available simply by logging in anytime of the day.

Pier One Credit Card Payment

Customers enjoy paying their bills via their online account as their payments are submitted electronically and posted many times the same day.  There are several payment options open to cardholders which can be manually done every month before the due date or customers can select the auto pay feature where payments are automatically done at a certain day every month.  This feature ensures you never forget to make a payment and that your payments are made on time month after month.

All of your payment and spending transactions are logged into your account in real time.  Customers can select to view their billing statements online and go back months to see what items or purchases they’ve made.  There is also an option to print out billing statements for further review.  Any changes to your account that need to be made such as name or address changes can be done inside your profile section.

If you have not enrolled in the Pier One Comenity online service visit and signup so you can track your spending online.

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