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Mastercard small business cardholders can earn rebates from a network of merchants participating in the Mastercard Easy Savings program.  There are categories of services that are offered to cardholders that they can select from such as:

  • Car rentals
  • Hotels
  • Travel
  • Dining out
  • Fuel & maintenance
  • Business services

Here is a good idea of the scale of participating businesses and services:

  • 5,000 midscale and economy hotels nationwide
  • Over 20,000 restaurants
  • Over 19,000 gas stations

Each service offers a rebate or discount to members when they make a purchase.

Mastercard Easy Savings Program 

At the top of the homepage users can learn about participating fuel, hotel, and restaurant networks.  Click the link you are interested in and input your address, city, state, zip code etc


Click the gray Search button

You will receive a list of businesses in your area that participate in the network you can patronize

If you click the Advanced Search link you will be redirected to a page offering you more information on your specific discount and booking instructions.

Also from the easysavings.mastercard.com homepage there are offers to browse through

Click the View All Offers button

There will be an offer list from businesses and services offering discounts for making purchases via their website

Simply click an offer and learn about the rebates and discounts they are offering

Mastercard Easy Savings Details

Earn 4% rebate at more than 20,000 restaurants nationwide through Dinova’s exclusive business dining network.  There are brand name restaurants in their network such as:

  • Carraba’s Italian Grill
  • Chuy’s
  • Bonefish Grill
  • Einstein Bros
  • Lucky Dog Cafe
  • BJ’s

Use your card on qualified purchases at any participating merchant and your rebates will be automatically applied to your account

How to Become Eligible 

Program available to all US-issued small business Mastercard credit and signature debit cards.

To find out if you Mastercard is eligible you can call the toll free number on the back of your Mastercard

How to Join the Program

If you already have a Mastercard credit or signature debit card that is US based you are automatically enrolled

Commercial cards will need to visit the easysavings.mastercard.com website and enter their email address then card information to be accepted

Receiving Rebates

Rebates are received automatically and will post to your account with your qualifying purchase within 3-5 business days after the purchase has been made

They do not accumulate

Are posted at the time the qualifying purchase clears

May post 1-2 days earlier on the Mastercard Easy Savings website than your paper bank statement based on the rebate clearing process




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