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Southwest Airlines provides WiFi on all flights, which is one of their many benefits.  If you bring your own personal device on board, you can access Southwest’s in-flight entertainment for FREE.  They offer a free entertainment network where you can watch TV shows and movies via your mobile device, including many TOP NEW releases!  Here is what’s available:

  • Free movies
  • On demand TV
  • Live TV
  • Music
  • Enjoy messaging

How Southwest Inflight Entertainment Works?

Download the Southwest app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store prior to your flight to your mobile device or smartphone

  • Visit
  • Go to settings
  • Switch your device to Airplane mode
  • Turn your Wifi on
  • Choose SouthwestWifi from your Wifi network list
  • You will see a page appear with a link to or copy the link
  • Click the link or copy it into your browser

If you click the link the Inflight Entertainment Portal will load automatically if not paste the address in the address bar

Make Your Entertainment Choices

The major benefit of using the Southwest Inflight Entertainment service is everything is now streamed to your devices unlike before when you had to download content to your devices.  Now there is no need to remember to download and update the app prior to boarding. These options always help to keep our kids entertained.

Free Live and On Demand TV Choices







Fox News









Disney Channel

NFL Network

Getconnected Southwest Wifi Available Movies

So if you’re asking the question, “How do i watch free movies on Southwest Airlines” it’s really simple as explained above.  Follow the instructions prior to lift off.  Currently in the movie catalog is 50 movies offered by Southwest.  There are new movies and returning favorites that can be accessed across the Wifi spectrum.  Each month new movies are added so you can visit their selection when you access

Free Inflight Entertainment Portal Extras



City Guide

Flight Tracker

Contact Customer Service

Call 1-800-435-9792 – available 24/7

Tweet @southwestair

Visit Southwest Community at

Southwest Facebook

Write to 

Southwest Airlines

PO Box 36647-1CR

Dallas, Texas  75235

If a passenger is asking the question, “How do I connect to wifi on Southwest” this guide should help clarify things and help them download the Southwest Inflight Entertainment Portal to their devices so they can enjoy the video and radio content for free.


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