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Apex Payroll’s Employer OnDemand Employee Self Service web portal is available for company employees to login and utilize 24 hours a day 7 days a week at  Through the site employees have the option to view in real time their pay stubs, personal profile information, tax info, paycheck deductions, W-2, time & attendance, etc.  Their username and password is used to access the site and individually monitor their payroll data while bypassing management or their HR/Payroll departments when they have questions about their paycheck.

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The Employer OnDemand site located at ( is easy to use and once an employee logs on to the site they are privileged to their payroll file on display.  Through their login credentials employees can access this information on any computer private or public including mobile devices.  The access to their file is secure but users will need to be sure their log out of their account completely to prevent anyone else from having entry to their info.

Once inside their account an employee can make changes to their personal data in the profile section.  They can make changes to their name, address, add dependents, tax info, etc.  All changes made will be electronically submitted to HR for final approval before it is updated in their account.  Employees will also have access to past and present pay stubs.   They will be able to research previous years’ payroll information such as compensation statements, deductions, paid time off, direct deposit accounts, and more.

Apex Payroll Employer OnDemand

If a company has Apex Payroll providing their Time and Attendance employees will be able to review all of their time punches for each day worked for their current pay cycle and past pay cycles.  They can review their regular hours worked and overtime hours recorded in the system.  Salary information for hourly and salaried employees are recorded as well for employees to review.

The Employer OnDemand site is a great way for employees to monitor the progress of their paycheck in real time prior to getting paid just in case there are discrepancies that need to be addressed before their paycheck is cut or the direct deposit has been initiated.

Employers are also better able to control the company payroll through Employer On Demand as they can run payroll from anywhere 24 hours a day and view in real time all payroll processes.  The site is secure using state of the art technology to protect all of the sensitive information that is available.  Report making is another viable feature with OnDemand as payroll reports from each pay period can be created.

Employers or employees can login to the Apex EmployerOnDemand at to view their payroll in real time.

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