Pre-Approval for First Premier Bank Credit Card

Did you receive an offer in the mail to apply online for a First Premier Bank Credit Card?  Are you trying to rebuild your credit?  If you answered yes to both questions then consider the opportunity to apply for a First Premier Credit Card.  The key to utilizing any credit card is being responsible enough to make your payments on time and paying down your balance.  If you’ve had problems in the past with using credit cards but think you’re responsible enough now to utilize them then start with a credit card offered by First Premier Bank.

The bank offers several credit cards to consumers which you may qualify for.  If approved for a card you will receive a credit limit of $300 which also comes with an annual fee of $75.  The $75 fee will be deducted from your credit limit which leaves you with $225 in your balance to begin using.  There is also a one-time processing fee of $95 that is a required payment before you begin the application process.  If you don’t pay the processing fee then you won’t be approved for the card.

To get started with the online application of a First Premier card visit (  At the site you can pay the $95 processing fee and get started with setting up your account and view your available balance.  The processing fee can be paid by debit or credit card online.  You will need to enter your name, zip code, social security number, and reference number which is highlighted on the letter you received in the mail.  Continue with the online application until you’re finished and you’ve been granted credit.  

Like with any credit card you’re considering it’s always a good idea to know exactly what the annual percentage rate is, cash advance fees, late payment fees, monthly servicing fees, etc.  If you can manage to avoid racking up undue and unnecessary fees and can use your credit card responsibly then you can improve your credit score with a First Premier credit card.

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