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If you have past due debt accounts with creditors Midland Credit Management can assist you with resolving those past debt issues by creating payment options to forgive your debt.  You may have already received in the mail a correspondence letter indicating who your original creditor was and the current balance you owe them.  Online payments can be made at www.midlandcreditonline.com.

By working with Midland Credit you will be able to negotiate a settlement amount and payment arrangements that will start you on the path of resolving your debt.  Most Midland customers are given multiple discount offers which in some cases are up to 70% of the balance owed their creditors.  You can take advantage of those offers and not have to pay back the full balance.

Customers who elect to make a one time payoff payment will receive a huge discount off their original balance while there are other options with a lesser discount that allow customers to make payments on a monthly basis for a specified period of time such as 12 months.  This is where talking with an Account Manager is very helpful because they can create various kinds of offers that will suit your budget.

After you’ve agreed on a payment offer you can make those payments via mail using a payment coupon or by visiting the Midland Credit Management website and submitting your payment there.  You will need to register your account and create a username and password to get everything setup.  Once your account is setup you can begin making payments on a scheduled basis via your online account.

There are multiple payment options for customers including paying by debit, credit, prepaid cards, bank wires, check by phone, Western Union, or MoneyGram.  You can speak with your Account Manager for assistance but most of these options are available inside your online account.

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