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If you recently received a letter in the mail pre-approving you for a Prosper/I Teach America Prosper Loan visit to apply online. The loan offer is extended only to candidates that meet the credit criteria applicable for a personal loan through Prosper. Depending on your current financial needs customers can apply for a loan through this offer anywhere from $2,000 to $35,000.

If approved the loan through Prosper can be used for personal reasons such as pay off credit cards, make home improvements, or to start a business.

At the MyProsperOffer application site visitors will need to enter their 8 digit confirmation code or personal offer code and indicate how much money they’d like to borrow. After clicking Continue the next step continues you on through the rest of the application process.

For customers concerned about their credit score being impacted as a result of receiving an inquiry, through this process you’re able to check your rate without it going against your credit. Prosper has enough information on you to determine your interest rate without checking your credit history and your score being negatively impacted.

I Teach America Prosper Loan

Prosper has teamed up with I Teach America Association to bring you this personal loan offer. The I Teach America Association is a teacher’s membership platform where teacher’s across the country are members and receive benefits and service to enhance their teaching experience.

Here are some of the features associated with the I Teach America Prosper Loan offer:

Loan Amount: consumers can apply for a loan amount of $2,000 to $35,000

Payments: monthly payments always stay the same and won’t fluctuate

Hidden Fees: there are no hidden fees to be concerned with

Early Payoff: there is no early payoff fee for paying off your loan sooner than expected

Fixed Rate Loan: The rate of your loan won’t change over the life of your loan while saving you thousands in interest in comparison to carrying credit card balances.

Loan Direct Deposited: The process for receiving a Prosper Loan is quick and easy and can be direct deposited into your bank account within a few days.

APR: The annual percentage rate of the loan ranges from 5.9% to 36% for first time borrowers.

Consumers can also apply for a Prosper Loan by calling and speaking with customer service at 1-877-611-8801. In order to take advantage of the offer you will need to respond prior to the deadline on your mailer to or by calling the 1-800 number.

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