Rapid! PayCard Visa Payroll Card Employee Login

Company employees who utilize the Rapid! PayCard Visa Payroll Card can access their prepaid account online and conveniently monitor all of their deposits and purchases.  By registering for an online account cardholders will have easy access to their payroll information anytime of the day and with the use of a username and password they can login through any device that has a web browser and internet connection.  

The first step before an employee can begin using the online service is they must first activate their card.  The card can be activated by calling customer support via a 1-888 number located on the back of the card.  Once the card is activated it is ready for funds to be deposited and be used for making purchases. At the online service site which is located at https://portal.cardaccesssite.com/web/rapid/login there is a first time user link that will guide users through a short registration process.  Once users have setup their account along with creating a username and password they will be able to start using the service.

After logging locate your direct deposit account number and provide that to your employer.  When your employer has your direct deposit account number your next paychecks will be funded to your account.  The card can be used not only for direct deposits from your employer but can be used for deposits for income tax refunds, social security benefits, military pensions, or other type payments that have this option.  If you leave your current employer for a new employer the card is portable allowing you to sign up for direct deposit there too.  

Some of the conveniences employees will enjoy with the payCard are the InGo mobile deposit app for smartphones, with the Visa logo they can use their card anywhere, access to a savings account provided by PayCard for employees to save money, bill pay feature for online bill payment, send money internationally, no overdraft fees, no check cashing fees, etc.

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