How to Check Your SecureSpend Balance

Securespend cards offer a convenient and secure way to manage your finances without a traditional bank account. These prepaid cards can be used for purchases, bill payments, and more, making them an ideal financial tool for a wide range of users. Understanding how to effectively manage your Securespend card, particularly keeping track of the balance, is essential for maximizing its benefits.

With SecureSpend, you can buy anything nationwide with this prepaid gift card. Your card can be used for online shopping, dining out, paying for gas, and more.  Anyone interested in purchasing a SecureSpend card can visit and click the list of SecureSpend retailers or see the list below:

Retailers and Pharmacies    
CVS Pharmacy Dollar General Sam’s Club
Walmart 7 Eleven DuaneReade
Walgreens Family Dollar Cumberland Farms
Rite Aid Pharmacy Speedway HEB
Xchange Circle K Food City
Fred’s Associated Food Stores Sheetz

Different Methods to Check Your Securespend Balance

Securespend provides various methods for checking your card balance, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all users. Whether you prefer online methods, mobile apps, or traditional phone inquiries, Securespend has made it easy and efficient to stay informed about your spending power.

How to Check Balance Online

Accessing your Securespend balance online is straightforward. Simply visit the Securespend website, log into your account using your card details, and your current balance will be displayed. This method is not only quick but also allows you to view your transaction history, providing a comprehensive overview of your spending.

  • Visit
  • Enter your card number
  • Enter your card expiration date
  • Click the green Sign In button

Inside your online account you can view your balance and transactions.  

How to Check Balance by Mobile App

For those who prefer managing their finances on-the-go, the Securespend mobile app is an excellent tool. The app is designed for user-friendly navigation, enabling you to check your balance with just a few taps. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play, log in with your card information, and access your balance instantly.  The mobile app offers numerous advantages, including real-time balance updates, push notifications for transactions, and the ability to manage your account remotely. Its convenience and accessibility make it a popular choice among Securespend users.

How to Check SecureSpend Balance by Phone Inquiry

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, phone inquiries are available. Call the Securespend customer service line, enter your card details when prompted, and listen to your current balance. This method is especially useful for those without internet access.

Card Options

Consumers that select the SecureSpend card as an option can choose between:

  • Securespend Prepaid Mastercard Gift card
  • Securespend Prepaid Visa Gift card

Troubleshooting Secure Spend Balance Checking Problems

If you encounter issues while checking your balance, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take, such as verifying your card details, checking for network issues, or ensuring your app is up to date. These simple checks can often resolve common issues quickly.  For more complex problems or inquiries, contacting Securespend customer support is the best course of action. Their team can be reached via phone or email, providing expert assistance and guidance for any issues you may encounter.

Contact Customer Service

Call 1-833-563-8200


SecureSpend Customer Care

PO Box 826

Fortson, GA  31808

Benefits of Using SecureSpend Visa Debit

Feature Description
Not reloadable or returnable The card cannot be reloaded or returned once purchased.
Cannot be used at ATMs The card is not accepted at ATMs for cash withdrawal.
Cannot use card to get cash back at the point of sale Cash back transactions are not possible with this card.
No fees There are no additional fees associated with using the card.
Load amount The card can be loaded with an amount between $20 and $500.
No credit check required Obtaining the card does not require a credit check.
Usage Accepted nationwide where Visa debit or Debit Mastercard are accepted.


How to Use SecureSpend When Shopping?

SecureSpend cards are revolutionizing the way we approach shopping, offering a seamless and secure alternative to traditional payment methods. Whether you’re an online shopping aficionado or a frequent visitor to brick-and-mortar stores, understanding how to use SecureSpend can greatly enhance your shopping experience. These prepaid cards not only streamline the payment process but also provide a layer of financial control and security.

Certainly, here’s a list of ways on how to use SecureSpend when shopping:

  1. Online Purchases: Use your SecureSpend card for online shopping just like a regular credit or debit card. Enter the card details at checkout, including the card number, expiration date, and CVV.

  2. In-Store Transactions: At physical retail locations, present your SecureSpend card at the time of purchase. It can be swiped, tapped, or inserted into card readers just like any other card.

  3. Contactless Payments: If your SecureSpend card is enabled for contactless payments, you can use it at terminals that accept tap-to-pay for a quick and secure transaction.

  4. Phone or Mail Orders: Provide your SecureSpend card details over the phone or in mail orders where credit cards are accepted.

  5. Subscription Services: SecureSpend cards can be used for recurring payments like subscriptions or monthly services, provided there are sufficient funds on the card.

  6. Restaurants and Tipping: When dining out, you can use SecureSpend cards to pay for your meal. Remember to ensure the balance covers any additional tip amount.

  7. Travel Expenses: SecureSpend cards are handy for booking hotels, flights, and rental cars. Be aware of pre-authorization holds that may be placed by some service providers.

  8. Gas Stations: Use your SecureSpend card to pay at the pump or inside the station. Be mindful that pay-at-the-pump transactions might authorize a larger amount than the purchase until the transaction clears.

  9. Gift Purchases: They are great for buying gifts, especially if you want to keep the purchase off your regular credit card statements.

  10. Budget Management: Utilize SecureSpend cards to stick to a budget by loading only the amount you plan to spend.

When you use your SecureSpend card at the pump when purchasing gas or at restaurants expect the amount of purchase to be held by the merchant.  The merchant may hold your funds up to 7 business days to give time to finalize the transaction.

How to Respond to a Stolen or Lost Card

If you happen to lose your SecureSpend card or it’s stolen the first step is to contact customer service immediately.  There is a 60 day window to contact customer service if they are to be effective in assisting you.  You will need to provide them your card number and any other info they ask for.  

If everything works out you will be given a replacement card with equal the amount of the available balance of the stolen/lost card.  It can take up to 30 days for a replacement card to be issued.


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