Activate Capital One Credit Card Online

Capital One customers that have received their new Capital One credit card in the mail will need to activate it before using it for everyday purchases or paying bills.  There are 2 ways to activate your card – online or by phone.  

Steps To Activate Capital One Credit Card

If you already have an online account then the activation process is very fast but if you do not have an online then you will need to create one before the activation process starts.

***If you already have a Capital One online account click the Sign In & Activate button activate card

  • Enter your username and password 
  • Click the green Sign In button
  • Click your profile
  • Find the Account Settings link then click “Activate Credit Card”
  • Enter your credit card’s 3 digit security card which is located on the back of your card

If you followed these instructions your new card should be ready for use.

***If you do not have a Capital One online account click the Enroll & Activate button.

You will need to setup your online account by completing the online form which will identify your Capital One account in the system.

Enter the following details:

  • Last name
  • Social security number OR ITIN OR bank account number
  • Date of birth
  • Click the Find Me button

Once your credit card information is located you can proceed with the rest of the online application process which requires you to setup your login credentials and security protocols.

At the end you will have an established online account that you can login from any device with a browser and internet access.

Login to your account and activate your credit card using the above instructions.

Activate Capital One Card By Phone

If you’re asking the question “how do i activate my new capital one credit card?” without having to setup an online account then you will have to call customer service.  Setting up an online account takes a few minutes but if you’re in a rush you can call the toll free number.

Call the general Capital One customer service phone number @ 1-877-383-4802.

Follow the automated activation system or if you’d rather speak with someone use the menu prompts to be connected to a live representative.

For many customers the phone call can be a faster route than the website at activate card especially if you do not already have a Capital One account.

Mobile App Activation

Capital One customers that already have their mobile app downloaded and installed to their mobile devices can also activate their card there.  From you mobile app you can follow these simple steps:

Reference activate card

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