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AvonNow, a powerful online tool, is available to you as an Avon representative. The AvonNow platform enables representatives to create, build, and manage their  very own Avon business. 

You will find tools like an address book, social media and email marketing tool, online training and resources library, ordering tools, and the ability to submit campaigns for rep deliveries, personal ordering, and business tools.

New representatives and those who are interested in becoming Avon representatives may wonder what the process is for placing orders for local customers and/or for personal use.  

How to Sign In AvonNow

Visit www.avonnow.com

If you already have an account you can sign in via your email address, Facebook login, or Google login


Email Sign In

Enter your email address and AvonNow password

Click the Sign In button

If you happen to forget your password you can utilize the “Forgot Password” link

Enter your email address

Click the red Continue button

Reset instructions will be sent to your email address

Facebook Sign In

Click the blue Sign In with Facebook button

You will need to be already signed in to your Facebook account for the login to work smoothly otherwise you can simply enter your Facebook login credentials to logon

Google Sign In

Click the blue Sign In With Google button

Enter your Google account login info

Once you’ve logged in to your Google account you will receive access to your Avonnow account

How to Register at Avonnow

For Avon representatives that have not registered but would like to get started follow these instructions:

Visit avonnow.com 

click the “Register with your Rep account number” link.

Fill in your district number, account number, and last 4 digits of your social security number

Click the red Next Button

After registering for an online Avonnow account and logging in you will have access to placing orders for brochures, samples, and other business tools, as well as read about what’s new with Avon.

Contact Customer Service

For additional help call:  1-866-513-2866

Monday – Friday 8am to 11pm EST

Sunday 3pm to 12am EST

How to Become an Avon Representative

Visit www.avonnow.com

Click the Sign Up Today button at the top of the page

Enter the following info:

First name

Last name

Email address

Create your password

Click the red Continue button

For joining you will receive 3 starter collections with mini size Avon products that are currently their best sellers along with brochures for sharing

AvonNow Mobile App

Our new Avon Representative app lets you be in control of your business wherever and whenever you want. There is a Puerto Rico option included in this app. To access the country-specific version, please select your location. Select Puerto Rico if you have representatives in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

You can place orders on the Puerto Rico version while on the move. Use the product number to add items to your cart, checkout, and submit orders.

The U.S. version gives you quick access to everything you do on AvonNow.com:

  • Access your Dashboard-at-a-Glance widgets
  • Get full product info and photos
  • Create and submit orders
  • Track orders and check reports
  • Manage your address book
  • Watch and share our latest videos
  • Update your social pages with Avon Social posts
  • Check the latest Beauty Buzz and Campaign Insider
  • See the latest alerts, info and product updates.




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