usbankrewardscard activate – US Bank Card Activation

usbankrewardscard activate – US Bank Card Activation

US Bank customers that recently received their US Bank Rewards Card in the mail can activate the card and setup their PIN online or by calling the toll free number on their card.  Before you will be able to use the card you will need to activate it.

How to activate your US Bank Rewards card?

If you haven’t already accessed this website you will need to look under the First Time Visitor section of the website

  • Under First-time Visitor enter your 16 digit card number
  • Click the blue Continue button activate

With this option you can also activate your new card and sign up for online access.  Via online access you can register for an online account and monitor your transactions online.

For cardholders that are familiar with using the activate you can simply use the Returning Visitor section of the site.

How to activate your card By Phone?

The other option for activating your USBankrewardscard is by calling the toll free number that is located on your card.  Call the number and speak with a representative or use their automated phone system for card activation.

How to Register your US Bank Rewards account online?

If your card has your name on it, you are already registered and do not need to register again. If not, it is important to register your card at the usbankrewardscard register site so that we can identify you as the rightful owner of the card. Also, most online merchants don’t accept payments without a valid billing address.  Visit My Profile page to register now.  

How to check your US Bank Rewards card balance?

You can check the balance of your US Bank Rewards card by visiting the website and typing in your 16 digit card number.  After clicking the blue Continue button you will be able to see your card balance.  The usbankrewardscard check balance website is available 24/7 for cardholders.

How to use your US Bank Rewards card online?

Your US Bank Rewards card can be used anywhere that accepts the Mastercard or Visa logo.  When you are purchasing a product on a website or off-site store simply select credit during checkout.  The usbankrewardscard online purchases amount will be deducted from your card account.  

How to Troubleshoot Your US Bank Rewards card?

If you need help with your usbankrewardscard not working or if you’re experiencing problems with the US Bank Rewards card website then contact customer service via the toll free number.

How to Set PIN Personal Identification Number

During card activation process setting a PIN is required which is necessary for making purchases where a PIN is required

Call customer service to setup PIN

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How to Contact Customer Service

For lost or stolen cards

  • Call 1-855-274-9934 within the US or 1-918-858-9782 outside the US

Features of USBankRewardsCard

Not only is the usbankrewardscard website for activating your new card but there are other features accessible to cardholders such as:

US Bank Rewards Card Details

  • Not redeemable for cash
  • Can be declined for authorization of any illegal transactions or internet gambling transactions
  • Cannot be used for any cash advances or cash back at the point of sale, money orders, travelers checks, or gambling transactions
  • Additional value cannot be added to this card
  • All transactions will be declined when the card balance reaches zero

What are the card fees?

$15 Card replacement fee

$15 Escheatment fee

$3 administrative fee after first 12 calendar months following the issue date of your card

Fee will not be charged once the balance reaches $0.00

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