BillsHappen As Seen On TV Personal Loan

If you’re in need of quick cash BillsHappen may be just the vehicle to help you find a lender to advance you the funds you need.  BillsHappen as seen on TV is an online lending platform that connects borrowers with lenders that are eager to lend you money. Loan amounts can be as small as $100 and as high as $10,000.

BillsHappen – How To Get Started

To get started with the loan application process with BillsHappen applicants can follow this simple guide:

After you’ve finished the application it will be processed and submitted throughout the BillsHappen network of lenders.  One of the lenders will accept your application and work towards lending you the money you asked for.  

The lender will send you their own standard agreement explaining their company’s terms and conditions on the details on the personal loan.  You will need to agree to the terms including interest rate, repayment terms, etc.

This entire process takes a few minutes and after getting accepting the terms and getting approved your money can be deposited in your bank account within one business day.

Requirements for BillsHappen Loan

There are some initial requirements for each loan candidate for the application process.  So before beginning be sure you meet these requirements:

  • 18 years or older
  • Valid social security number
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Employed, self employed, or receiving benefits
  • Most lenders require a valid checking account to deposit your funds
  • Be prepared for a soft credit inquiry at the time of application then a hard inquiry for later in the loan process

You will also need to have handy at the time of the application is a valid State Drivers license and current banking info.  You will need to submit your bank’s routing number and your own personal bank account number. This info is necessary after you get approved for a loan the funds can be directed to your account.

BillsHappen Customer Service

During any part of the application process if you feel you need assistance you can contact Customer Service via the Contact link at the top of the BillsHappen homepage.  The comment section requires you to enter the following indo:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Message
  • Click the red Send Message button

BillsHappen Quick Details

A quick overview of BillsHappen as seen on TV is the platform is for individuals that need cash fast.  There are no fees involved on the applicant’s part. Credit is also not a big issue as there are lenders within their network that will work with people of all credit ranges.

  • Billshappen will find a lender to lend you money
  • Lender pays billshappen a fee to get your lead or lead info – work with you
  • Completing the application the same day will get a decision from a lender within minutes

After submitting your online application and getting approved your funds can be deposited the next business day.  


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