Activate New Capitol One Credit Card Online

New Capitol One credit cardholders before using their card to make purchases will first need to activate their card.  Your new credit card can be activated online or by telephone. If you select the online option you will need to have an online Capitol One account already setup and if not you can go through the enrollment process.

Capitol One Activate Credit Card Steps

There are a few steps to consider when trying to get started using your new credit card.  The first step is having your credit card information handy then follow these guidelines:

Stipulations to consider about logging in for users that aren’t sure what their login credentials are:

**When you were first approved for your Capital One credit card if you registered online and created your login credentials then, use those credentials to activate your card @

Enter the following details:

  • Last name
  • Ssn or bank account number
  • Date of birth
  • Click blue Find Me button

Continue with the online process until completion which includes signing in, verifying your account, and the completion.

Activate Capitol One Card By Telephone

The second option to activating your new credit card along with is through the toll free 1-800 automated phone call process.  

  • Capitol One activate by phone – 1-800-678-7820
  • Just follow the instructions and press the right key to activate the card online
  • Provide the required card details to activate the card by phone

For many people activating their credit card by phone may be the best option.  This option doesn’t require enrolling in an online account first which if you don’t have the time to enroll then choose the phone process.  

Either option doesn’t take a long time or if you’ve received a different link in your mailer for activating your card or possibly a sticker attached to your new credit card then consider those options. The sticker or mailer will have alternative instructions for activating and the link for Capitol One activate your card may expire so you have a few options listed here as well as your mailer.

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