Amscot Money Card – Login to Amscot MoneyCard

Cardholders of the Amscot Mastercard or Amscot MoneyCard can access their account online via the Amscot Mastercard login.  Along with the online account service members can also monitor their card activity by downloading the free mobile app to their mobile devices or smartphone.  

These options provide 24/7 access for cardholders to check their balance, view/download recent and past transactions, sign up for alerts, etc.

Amscotcard Login & Registration Guide

After receiving your new Amscotmoneycard the next step is registering for online access.

  • First timers click yellow “DO YOU HAVE A NEW CARD?  REGISTER IT HERE button
  • Enter your card number
  • Enter card expiration date – month and year
  • Enter card security code
  • Enter date of birth
  • Enter the captcha code
  • Click the gray Submit button
  • Create your login credentials
  • Setup your security protocols


Amscot Card Sign in

  • Enter your User ID and Password
  • Click yellow Submit button

If you forget any part of your login credentials you can utilize the self-help links at for quick assistance.  Click the “Forgot your Username” or “Forgot your Password” links to retrieve your login information.

Check Amscot Card Balance

After successfully going through the registration process and creating your Amscot money card login info you can now access your account online at and view all of the features to help you better manage your card.  

How The Amscot MasterCard Works

Customers interested in getting an Amscot card will need to visit an Amscot branch bank in person.  The card has an initial purchase fee of $2.95 and requires a monthly maintenance fee of $5.95. A temporary card is provided to customers for immediate use until their new Amscot card arrives in the mail within 7 to 10 business days.

When you receive your new card it will display your name, prepaid card number, expiration date, and Mastercard logo.  The maximum amount the card can be funded with is $7500. The only option for funding the card is via direct deposit or in-person at a branch Amscot bank.

Card Fee Structure

ATM balance inquiry fee $.50

Cash reload fee $2.00, up to $3.95 at Western Union locations

Card 2 Card transfer fee $2.00

ATM transaction fee $2.50

Bank teller withdrawal fee $3.00

ATM balance inquiry fee $0.50

Paper statement fee $1.50

International transaction fee 3%

Lost, stolen, damaged card fee $2.95

Same day replacement card fee $9.95

ATM decline fee $0.50

Priority shipping fee $26.00

Online bill pay cancellation fee $9.95

Card account closure fee $15.00


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