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Visa cardholders that have registered their credit card with Card Center Direct can access and manage their account online at  Their account information will be available 24 hours a day from any computer or mobile device with internet access.  Through Card Center Direct users will be able to review all of their recent transactions, make online payments on their account, monitor their credit card account balance, and if your card accrues rewards points they can be monitored online.

Card Center Direct Login

If you Visa card has been enrolled in Card Center Direct visit ( to login to your account.  First time users of the site will need to go through the enrollment process for first-timers to setup their account for online use.  The enrollment process consists of entering in your credit card information for identity purposes which includes your card number, social security number, expiration date, and zip code.  The 2nd step will be to create your login credentials (user ID and password) and lastly create a security profile.  Once these steps have been followed your account will be setup for online service.

Card Center Direct provides Visa cardholders that have the upgraded Visa Chip Card the same services as most other credit card online services.  The Visa Chip Card houses a computer chip that stores your credit card information on it instead of the old magnetic strip that most credit cards still utilize.  The computer chip is an upgraded form of security and cardholders will need to use a different online access to manage their account which is through Card Center Direct.  The chip in the card is feature offers an extra layer of protection for cardholders that protects them in the case of fraud or card loss.

With Chip technology Visa cardholders don’t have to swipe their cards through a swipe terminal but instead use a chip enabled terminal.  When making a purchase through a chip terminal a one time use code is created allowing for more secure processing while making the card difficult to counterfeit.  

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