Ebtedge Food Stamp Login – Check Food Stamp Balance

EBT Edge cardholders can access their account and check their balance online by visiting the www.ebtedge.com check balance website.  The site is used to administer food stamps to a number of states in the US.

It is available to users 24 hours a day 7 days a week to review their account information including transactions.

EBTedge.com Check Balance Login Steps

If you are a first timer to using the EBT Edge website you will first need to have your EBT card handy.  There are two ways to get to the login screen to access your account. Continue forth with the instructions below:

***When you enter your card number enter it without dashes

  • Click the Login button
  • Enter your PIN number
  • Click the Login button

www.ebtedge.com check balance

Troubleshooting Help

Any trouble you may have logging into ebt edge login first try the “Trouble Logging in? Click here for assistance” link.  A pop up will show providing a list of toll free phone numbers by state that cardholders can call for questions.  Here is a list of the states and numbers available:

State Client Customer Service

Alabama 1-800-997-8888

Alaska             1-888-997-8111

Alaska WIC 1-844-386-3149

Arizona 1-888-997-9333

Arizona WIC 1-877-214-7439

Chickasaw Nation WIC 1-866-358-8767

Colorado 1-888-328-2656

Colorado WIC 1-844-234-4950

District of Columbia 1-888-304-9167

Florida             1-888-356-3281

Florida WIC 1-866-629-1095

Guam             1-866-937-4826

Guam WIC 1-877-216-3082

HAWAII WIC 1-888-347-5449

Hawaii             1-888-328-4292

IDAHO WIC 1-844-892-3084

Idaho             1-888-432-4328

Iowa WIC 1-844-234-4948

Kansas 1-800-997-6666

Kansas WIC 1-844-892-2934

Kentucky 1-888-979-9949

MBCI WIC 1-844-892-3084

Mariana Island WIC 1-877-215-5573

Minnesota 1-888-997-2227

Minnesota WIC 1-833-566-5248

Missouri 1-800-997-7777

Navajo Nation WIC 1-877-214-9797

Nebraska 1-877-247-6328

Nebraska WIC 1-844-386-3151

Nevada 1-877-234-7056

Nevada WIC 1-877-234-7056

New Hampshire 1-888-997-9777

New Mexico 1-800-283-4465

North Carolina 1-888-622-7328

North Dakota 1-800-630-4655

Oklahoma WIC1-844-842-8354

Oregon 1-844-234-4946

Rhode Island 1-888-979-9939

South Dakota 1-800-604-5099

South Dakota WIC 1-877-231-9314

Tennessee 1-888-997-9444

US Virgin Islands 1-866-884-2868

Vermont 1-800-914-8605

Washington 1-888-328-9271

West Virginia 1-866-545-6502

West Virginia WIC 1-888-220-9555

Wisconsin 1-877-415-5164

Wisconsin Child Care 1-877-201-7601

Wisconsin WIC 1-877-231-3452

Wyoming 1-877-290-9401

EBT Edge States

Cardholders from the following states can access their benefits from the www.ebtedge.com check balance login:


District of Columbia






New Mexico

New Hampshire

North Carolina

North Dakota


Rhode Island

South Dakota





The WIC Program in the following states are also accessible from the EBT Edge website:




South Dakota


All other states that utilize the food stamp program can view their accounts from EBT Edge as well.


www.ebtedge.com check balance

www.ebtedge.com food stamp balance

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