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Online medical patients can utilize the DMA (Data Media Associates) online payment system to pay their hospital and medical bills and other bills.  Payments to ePayItOnline can be made throughout the day, seven days a week, by patients.  

The system is safe, secure, and offers patients a quick, convenient way to view their bills online, and pay with their credit cards or via electronic debit.

How to Access EPayItOnline

These basic steps can be followed by patients to access their accounts and billing information:


If you’re able to access your account, you’ll need to enter the following information from your billing statement: your CodeID and Access Number.  Look on the statement and type this information into the homepage.  

The details of your medical bill will appear after entering this information on epayitonline, specifically your account number, guarantor’s name, and your name, along with the total due for your medical bill.  

Make Payment

Your next step will prompt you to enter your email address so you can get a copy of your payment transaction via email.  It is a necessary action to ensure your payment has been sent and accepted.  

There’s an Update link in the right corner of the epayitonline.com official site screen for any updates of your personal information, such as your insurance details.  

Make your payment by entering the bill balance into the box and choosing Pay Now.  Your payment information, such as credit card number or bank account number, will need to be entered into a payment center for electronic draft.  

An email confirmation will be sent to you after you complete your payment that you can print.  You can inquire about a payment plan if you can’t make the entire payment due. There is a box in the right corner that will direct you to the healthcare provider.

ePayItOnline Refunds Info

Refunds are handled as described in the Refund Policy of ePayItOnline.

Refunds are available for every date for which payments exceed charges.

Since there is no selling or shipping of products there is no opportunity for exchanges.

There may be changes to this Refund Policy from time to time.  Changes to the policy will be posted on the ePayItonline website and will be posted on the top of the page.

Contact Customer Service

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