Invitation to Apply for Arrow Visa Card by Lendup

To receive an Arrow Card Visa Credit Card, consumers who have been pre-qualified by LendUp by mail or email can visit to apply online.  Taking advantage of Arrow Visa’s lower interest rates, fees, and credit limit, these people can increase their credit limit, which will benefit their credit score as well.  For those types of individuals, this card can be a starting point.

Apply at 

If you’re considering applying for the Lendup Card, you will need to look in your offer letter for the Lendup Card Offer Code.  You should highlight the code, which is 12 digits long, in your letter.  Once you find the code you will need to visit the application website, select I Have an Offer Code,  and enter your offer code in the appropriate location to unlock your offer.

Those details will be revealed on the next page of the online application.  Before clicking Apply Now, make sure you understand this information.  Understand all of the fees and nuances associated with this card.  

By reviewing the information and learning about the information that is involved in obtaining this card, you now have the necessary information to proceed with the rest of the application process.

Lendup Card Application

During the next stage of the application process, you need to enter your email address and password, accept the service terms, and consent to electronic disclosures.  Enter your salary information and employment information, verify your address, your mortgage or rent amount, etc.

You will receive an instant decision after completing the required fields and clicking Enter.  Once you are approved, your credit card will be mailed out, and you should receive it no later than 14 business days.  The credit limit starts at $300, so keep that in mind.

Arrow Visa Card Features

The Lendup/Arrow Visa Card does not require good credit.  The card helps consumers get back on track with rebuilding their credit, especially if they have faced problems with credit in the past.  Lendup works with lenders who provide bad credit loans to customers with fair credit.

  • No annual fee
  • No security deposit
  • No over-the-limit fees
  • Affordable payments
  • 24.99% APR
  • 128 bit SSL encryption for online protection

Card Reports to 3 Major Credit Bureaus

These are legitimate credit cards for which the credit bureaus will report card activity.  To ensure your credit score increases you will need to pay your bill on time, keep your balance below 30% utilization, maintain a long credit history, etc.  These are simple steps that are a necessity to having good credit as well as possibly getting approved for a credit line increase.

Credit Limit Increase

The steps mentioned above must be followed to ensure that your account is kept in good standing so you will be granted an increase.

Free Credit Education Offered

Credit cardholders of Arrow Visa cards can watch free credit education videos online to learn more about credit cards and how they work.

The LendUp credit card offer has an expiration date and consumers will need to respond before the offer expires.  To apply online, go to to find the date on your offer letter.  

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