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A great destination to browse local offers in your neighborhood and surrounding areas is via the online service and their downloadable OfferUp app.  This app is available for Android and iOS devices but if you’re just curious about what’s out there you can simply visit their website and browse.  When you find a deal use your mobile device or smartphone to make a deal and contact the seller.

How To Browse

The OfferUp website is a great place to browse for stuff people are selling in your area.  It’s easy to use just begin at the Search bar located at the top of the screen.  Be sure to set your city and state at the right of the Search bar.  Type in the item you’re wanting to search for and you’ll see a detailed list of offers from sellers.

The left side of the website has a category list that will help you with your browsing and find items faster.  Each picture that is displayed of the items you’re searching for has some brief information about the item and the seller.  

Item Details

Each item has a headline title and a brief description advertising the item to give you some idea of the condition it’s in.  If the seller has more items for sale on OfferUpNow then those items will be listed underneath.  The right side of the screen lists the asking price of the item, Ask, and Watch buttons which are functional from inside the app.  You will also get an approximation of the side of town the seller lives.

How OfferUp Works on Your Mobile Devices

People interested in buying from the online service or app can browse from either option but if you’re interested in selling items via an Offer Up post then you will need to download the app and follow these instructions.  It’s a simple process only taking a few seconds from start to finish.

How to Post an Item

  • Use your mobile device or smartphone to take a picture of the item you want to sell from inside the app.  You will want to take several photos so buyers can get a full view of your item.
  • Create a compelling title and description
  • Select the appropriate category for the item along with identifying the appropriate condition of the item.  Depending on what you’re selling on OfferUpNow there may not be an exact category for your item so you will want to select the closest category
  • Enter in the price you’re selling the item for, select your location, and Post

This entire process is quick and doesn’t take but a few seconds to complete.  You can have your item within the OfferUp network to be seen by hundreds of people fast.

Tips to Remember

When buying on OfferUp there are a few points to consider to stay safe and make sure your experience is handled professionally.  Anyone selling on the service should have a profile that you can review.  The profile should have past ratings, a photo, and TruYou.  If sellers don’t have this info present then find someone that has completed these steps.  

Every photo of an item should be an actual photo and not a stock photo that can be downloaded from the internet.  You need to see an authentic picture of what they’re selling so you can know what you’re buying.

When visiting you can browse all of the items available within your area and when you find something you want to inquire about you can refer to the app on your phone.

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