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Online customers can make their Montgomery Ward payment on their credit account by visiting www.wards.com/pay.  The site is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for customers to login to their account and pay their monthly credit bill.  It’s an easy process that can be done from your home computer, public computer, or mobile devices.

Pay Online via Wards.com/pay

Paying your Montgomery Ward bill online is the most convenient way for customers to pay their bill.  It’s also a better way to manage your credit account as you’ll always have access to your account activity including payment capabilities from anywhere that has a computer and internet access.

When you login to your account all of your account information is shown in real time giving you a snapshot of your entire account.  You can view your current balance, next payment amount due, and any pending payments that you’ve paid but haven’t posted to your account yet.

Customers have several ways to login to their account and make a payment.  Here are a few ways:

Customers also understand that having an online account is a free and secure service provided by Montgomery Ward and this also extends to submitting payments.  There are no charges for paying online and all payments are processed securely protecting your financial information.

Payments can be made by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Debit Card, bank drafts, etc.).   Users that elect to pay by bank draft will need to setup their personal bank checking account information including bank routing number and account number for processing.

Montgomery Ward Payment Options

Customers that aren’t interested in submitting payments online can continue paying by phone or mailing in their payment.  To pay by phone calls can be made to Customer Service at 1-800-915-2719 and you can supply them with your credit card, checking account, or debit card for over the phone payment processing.

If you are interested in paying by mail customers can send their check or money order to the following address:

Montgomery Ward

PO BOX  2855

Monroe, WI  53566-8002

Other Payment Details

When making a payment on your Montgomery Ward credit account it is important to remember that the minimum payment that can be made is $5.  In order for payments to be applied to your account the same day customers will need to submit their payment prior to 5pm Central Standard time.

Any payments made after 5pm will be credited the following business day.  Payments made via bank draft can expect a 2-3 day business processing time and may show Pending.

If you haven’t registered your Montgomery Ward account online please consider doing so as the online service feature is a free option and provides many conveniences for customers.  You can avoid any unnecessary fees that may accompany paying by phone or the small fees associated with sending your payment off by mail (buying stamps or checks).

Also consider the amount of time you’ll be saving by paying online.  Your payments are posted the same day while paying by mail requires a wait time of up to 7 days depending on mail travel time.  Consider visiting wards.com/pay to make your monthly payments each month.

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