Prepaidcardstatus Activate and Check Card Balance

Consumers that have received a gift card that has money loaded on it can activate and check the balance on that card by visiting  The website is a free online third party web portal provided by Swift Prepaid Solutions, Inc to assist customers with managing and accessing their prepaid card balances.

Prepaidcardstatus Activation Process

To activate your card you will need to visit the online website.  The first step in the process is users will need to have their card handy so they can be prepared to enter in their 16 digit card number.  The site asks for your card number and the 3 digit code on the back.

Enter both details into the appropriate fields and click the Login button.  The other option for activating or logging in to your account is to select the blue “Use wallet username” link under Have a wallet?  Users that select this option will need enter their Username and Password to sign in.

If you forget your login credentials utilize the self-help troubleshooting links to get assistance with retrieving your login info.  The Username feature requires you to enter your email address which checks for an email match with their system and then your username will be sent to your email address OR for password resetting you will need to enter your username and answer a challenge question.

Features and Functions of Prepaidcardstatus

After successfully logging in to you will notice a few features available to you.  The platform allows cardholders to view their account information pertaining to their prepaid card. They can perform the following options:

Cardholders can access this information using the web portal from their home computers, any public computer, mobile devices, and smartphones.  Before they make a purchase with their card they can easily check their balance or previous transactions by simply logging in.

Questions for Customer Care

Any questions a user may have about the Prepaidcardstatus website or any other card reasons can be directed to Customer Care by telephone at 1-866-230-3809 or via the website.  At the bottom left of the screen is a web support button. Click the button and complete the online form filling in all of the blanks. The details that need to be filled are:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone
  • Email address
  • Card number
  • Reason code
  • Other
  • Questions/comments

When deciding on a reason for contacting Customer Care you will have some options to choose from to help expedite the process.  Here are some of the more popular reasons cardholders reach out to Customer Care:

  • Do I need to activate my code
  • How do I check my balance
  • Does my card have cash access
  • How do I dispute a transaction
  • Where can I spend my card
  • How do I report my card as lost or stolen
  • What do I do if I never received my card
  • What is my PIN number
  • What is my card security code
  • How do I update the address connected with my card


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