Amex Gift Card Activate and Check Balance

American Express Gift Card recipients looking to activate their gift card can quickly go to the activate website to get started.  The site primarily sells gift cards but also has a card activation process, check balance function, and online account management.  

How To Activate American Express Gift Card

There are a few ways individuals that have received an Amex Gift Card can activate their card for first time use.  There is the online option, telephone activation option, or many times the card is already active at purchase so you can begin using it.  The only problem with the purchase activation process is you may have to wait a few hours before you use it the first time.

Activate Online

If you are considering activating your card online via the activate process the first step will be to select Check Balance from the top of the homepage.  The webpage indicates you can sign in to manage and activate your card.

Enter your card details in the appropriate fields.  You will need to enter your 15 digit card number, expiration date in MM/YY fashion, and the 4 digit security code found on the back of your card. The last step is to click Sign In and you should be successfully logged in to your account which will activate your card.

Activate Via Telephone

Activating by telephone is another useful option for cardholders that may not have access to the internet.  They can simply flip their card over to the backside and find the Customer Service toll free number. Call the number and speak with someone to activate your card or go through the automated phone service.

How To Check Balance On American Express Gift Card

After you’ve successfully activated your card the next step is to begin using it and monitoring your balance.  If you activated your card via the online service then you can continue using the American Express gift card balance feature of the website to view your recent purchases and available balance remaining on your card.  The link is also available for use.

Cardholders can also call Customer Service and retrieve their balance via telephone.  The number to communicate with customer service is 1-888-846-4308. All of your inquiries can be handled through them.

Amex Gift Card Highlights

The American Express Gift Card is a popular gift item for birthdays, graduations, promotions, or any other celebratory event.  There are some details about the card that users should be aware ie of for the purchaser or the recipient.

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