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A fresh take on Conservative views and talking points can be found online at The First TV.  This is your alternative to Fox News, CNN, and other mainstream media outlets.  You will find leading the commentary on The First TV talking heads such as:

  • Bill O’Reilly
  • Dana Loesch
  • Buck Sexton
  • Jesse Kelly
  • Mike Slater

If you are a fan of these popular conservative news hosts then you should feel right at home with The First TV.

How to Watch The First TV?

All of the commentary and live TV you receive from The First TV is free.  There are no subscriptions nor censorship, here’s how to get started.

At the top of their website there is a link to what’s on right now.  You can simply enjoy their live content directly from their website.   Also on the site you can read through their headlines and learn more about the most recent news.

Alongside the hosts of the TV network you will also receive political commentary from the following contributors:

  • Madison Gesiotto
  • Rob Smith
  • Billy Hallowell
  • Sydney Watson
  • Tiana Lowe
  • Eric July

Other places to find The First TV is through other online sources that you may already be familiar with, here is a list:

Youtube Live

Watch every program Live by clicking the play button on Youtube

The First TV app

Can pause, rewind, or watch your favorite shows on demand via the app

Available on Android, IOS, Amazon Fire TV, Roku

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free streaming network – the First TV channel is #248

Distro TV

Unique mix of channels and content – on channel #187


STIRR is a TV distribution outlet that allows you to watch local news and entertainment channels for free – channel #7

Glued TV

Subscription TV streaming service 

Get the Daily Email

If you like the content that is shared on The First TV then you can receive more of it via email from their Daily Email service.  You can simply sign up to receive email and begin receiving the following types of content:

  • Best headlines
  • Instant analysis
  • Opinions

To sign up for the email list you can visit and under the Get the Daily Email column click the blue UP FIRST banner.  Under Up First daily email enter your email address and press the gray Subscribe button.

They’re second email subscription service is the Fourth Watch weekly email that will keep you up on what’s happening with the liberal mainstream media.  

How to Stay Connected?

If you are a committed First TV subscriber then you will want to follow them on all of their social media platforms.  Here is a list of social media outlets where you can follow and support The First TV:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube TV

Send ideas and connect with The First TV


Who is The First TV For?

Passionate about American values who care about where this country is headed

News network for free speech and big ideas

For people that don’t believe everything they hear on mainstream news networks such as Fox, CNN, or New York Times

Destination for conservative opinion and commentary

For people who value free speech


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