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Bank of America Activate Debit Card

Bank of America debit customers that have recently received a BOA debit card can activate their card online by visiting  The site is available for cardholders to use 24 hours a day 7 days a week and only takes a few minutes to complete.

There is the other option to call customer service which you can find the BOA customer service number on the back of your new debit card.  These are the 2 options available to cardholders when going through the activation process so you can begin using your Bank of America debit card.

To get started with the online activation process users can visit the Bank of America Debit Card Activation service.  You should already have access to your bank account online which speeds up the activation process only requiring you to login and complete a few steps.  If you are not enrolled in Online Banking you will need to register first.

Enroll in Online Banking

On the activation page there is a blue button entitled Enroll in Online Banking.  Click this button and you will be directed to the beginning of registration which requires you to confirm your identity, verify your card, create your login credentials, and setup your security info.  Have handy your credit/debit card number, social security number, or tax ID number.

For new users after finishing registering your new Bank of America debit card you will also have access to your account that you’ll be able to manage/monitor from your home computer or mobile devices.

Benefits of Online Banking

If you’re unsure about the online registration process or setting up your bank account for online access then you can always consider activating your card via the customer service number on the back of your card.  There are multiple benefits for banking online and here’s a few reasons why you should consider:

Secure Access to Your Accounts:  If you have multiple Bank of America accounts you’ll have access to those accounts from your online account.  Just enter your user ID and passcode and all of your bank accounts will be listed for you to review and perform certain functions.

Transfer Funds:  There’s always the option to move money between accounts or to other BOA account holders accounts such as your family or friends.  It’s easy, fast, and free to do.

Receive Alerts:  Various alert features are setup inside your account for you to better manage your account activity.  You can setup these alerts to send notifications via email or text.

Online Bill Pay:  Instead of wasting money on checks, stamps, and envelopes to pay your bills utilize the online bill payer feature that will pay your bills without all the extra steps.  Your bills can be paid from your account through bill payer and be sent to your creditors fast without cost.

Balance/Account Activity:  There is no need to wait for balance statements to arrive in the mail anymore but instead you can login to your account as often as you wish to check on your finances.  The more you check in the more you’re aware of what’s going on and there’s no need to rely on monthly balance statements to be sent to your home.

Take advantage of the BofA Debit Card Activation service by visiting or calling the number on the back of your new BOA card.

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