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For a limited time consumers that received a pre-approval offer from BP can sign up for a BP Credit Card by visiting www.mybpcreditcard.com/accept.


If you own an automobile and are not taking advantage of the rewards points offered by certain credit cards then you’re really losing out on some decent savings you could be receiving.  Right now BP is offering certain consumers the opportunity to apply for their BP Credit Card which has some great gas saving perks.

There is a promotion running until September 30, 2016 for consumers to apply for the BP Credit Card and if approved receive a bonus reward of 50 cents off per gallon.  The discount is for up to 20 gallons of gas taking place within the first 60 days of opening a BP credit account.  This is an attractive one-time bonus for consumers to take action and apply.

My BP Credit Accept

Customers that received the promotion via a mailer can apply for a BP Visa Signature Credit Card 1 of 2 ways.  The fastest and most convenient way is to apply online at www.mybpcreditcard.com/accept.  When applying through the online application site users will need to enter their Authorization Code which is highlighted on their mailer.  Continue completing the rest of the short online application and at the end you will receive an instant decision on your acceptance.

Customers can also choose to apply via the Acceptance Certificate that came with the mailer.  Complete the Acceptance Certificate by entering your social security number, date of birth, annual net income, home phone number, business phone number, mobile number, email address, signature, and date.  Mail the certificate back to BP and within a week or so you’ll be notified of your acceptance.

To speed up the application process it is recommended that consumers visit their online application site and apply online.  It only takes a few short minutes to apply and you’ll receive an instant decision within seconds.  Your new BP Credit Card will be mailed out to you and you’ll receive in a few days.  This process is much faster than applying by mail.

BP Pre-Approved Credit Card

Earn Unlimited Rewards:  Earn 25 cents off per gallon for every $100 spent at participating BP stations at the pump or inside the store, using your BP credit card for the first 90 days your account is open.

Redeem:  Redeem your rewards at the pump for instant savings

With a BP Credit Card the more you use your card the faster and more savings you will accrue.  Before every fill up you can review your rewards amount waiting for you to use and either decide to use the amount you’ve accrued or continue to let it build up.  Cardholders can monitor their account by visiting www.mybpcreditcard.com or by paying attention to your rewards totals before every fill up.  It’s a convenient way to know where you stand with your earned points.


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