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MyBestEgg Start Loan Consolidation

Consumers that received a pre-approval letter from Best Egg to apply for a loan consolidation can begin the application process online at  Best Egg, a personal lender, is offering certain consumers the opportunity to consolidate their credit card bills and pay off their debts with a Best Egg Personal Loan.  A personal loan from Best Egg can also be used for purposes such as household remodeling, car repairs, or medical expenses.  Best Egg has sent out a mailer to consumers they’ve already pre-screened who meet their credit criteria to apply.

Apply at 

To get started with the loan application process users can visit the Best Egg online application site and enter their email address and offer code.  The offer code is highlighted on your mailer and it consists of 14 digits.  After entering in this information you will be taken to step 2 in the application process which requires you to enter more financial information to complete the loan process.

Consumers that do not have an offer code can select the “I do not have an offer code” link on the Best Egg homepage and simply enter their email address to start the process of finding out what rate they can qualify for.

Other consumers that have already started their application process and desire to find out the status on their application can select the link “I’ve already started” for more details.

Best Egg Loan Consolidation Review

Check Loan Rate:  Consumers can visit the online application site and check their potential loan rate without any impact on their credit score.  This is a convenience option for consumers so they won’t receive an inquiry on their credit.

Reduce or Eliminate Credit Card Balances The purpose of the Best Egg loan consolidation is to eliminate or reduce your current credit card debts and transfer all of your debts to a Best Egg loan.  This way you’ll have 1 easy payment every month instead of several.

You will also save money on interest charges because you’ll only have 1 debt with a fixed interest charge versus several credit cards with different interest charges.  With a loan consolidation from Best Egg consumers can much more easily budget their finances and make future plans because they only have to focus on 1 payment per month.

Approved for up to $40,000:  Consumers can apply for a personal loan from as little as $2,000 to up to $40,000 to pay off bills and have extra money left over.  You will need to determine how much you want/need.

Fixed Rates:  Depending on your credit situation consumers can enjoy fixed rate APR from 5.99% to 29.99%.  Best Egg offers customers budget friendly monthly payments that are concise with flexible terms, no prepayment penalties, and no surprises.

Consumers that are approved for a Best Egg personal loan can have their funds available within their bank account within 1 day.  The current offer for pre-approved customers expires on September 20, 2016.  When applying online be sure to enter the 14 digit Offer Code that is highlighted on your mailer.

The personal loan offer is also open for customers who did not receive an invitation to apply.  At the online application site click the link “I do not have an offer code” and begin the application process.  Take advantage of the personal loan offered at

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