Aceflareaccount activate card – How to Activate Ace Flare

Aceflareaccount activate card – How to Activate Ace Flare

Consumers that applied for an Ace Flare Account by Metabank and received it in the mail will need to activate their new card before using it.  There are several ways to activate the card when it arrives. 

AceFlareAccount Activation Options

  • Online
  • Telephone
  • Retail Location

How to Activate Ace Flare Account Online

The first step with activating your card online is to have your card handy then follow these easy steps: activate card

Once your card has been activated the next step is to consider managing your card via the website.  You will be able to monitor all of your transactions along with a host of other features.

How to Create Flare Account Login

If you are interested in opening an online account follow along:

Continue on with the rest of the registration process which will include creating your login credentials and security questions.  Once you’ve finished you will have an online account and be able to access it anytime.

How to Activate By Phone

For cardholders that want to activate their card by phone please do so by calling  1-866-753-6355

How to Activate By Visiting a Retail Location

Your card can be activated when you take it to a participating retailer to the cashier.  

When activating your account at activate card there are some prerequisites each cardholder should consider and maintain to keep your account in good standing:

  • Must also have a positive account balance at the time of service activation
  • Receive direct deposits totaling at least $400 to your account within 35 days of enrollment
  • Activating your card requires selecting a PIN.  The PIN is used to make purchases at POS devices or if you need cash from an ATM.
  • When your account is activated you must continue to receive direct deposits to your account totaling at least $200 every 30 days
  • Service activated on your account within 24 hours if you meet the criteria

AceFlareAccount Features

Direct deposit your payroll check

Get paid up to 2 days faster via direct deposit

No fee cash withdrawals

High yield savings account up to 6% APY

Anytime Alerts

Optional Debit Card Overdraft service

Earn 0.01% APY on Core Flare Account

Earn Payback Rewards

Mobile App

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play

Send money to friends and family

Manage your account while on the go


$3 retail application processing fee

$9.95 monthly fee for accounts that do not receive the qualifying direct deposits for the lower $5 monthly fee

$5 monthly service fee for accounts that receive direct deposits totaling at least $500 in one calendar month

$20 overdraft fee per transaction over $10

$3.95 replacement card fee

$2.50 ATM cash withdrawal fee

Reference activate card

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