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Consumers interested in applying for the American Express Platinum Card can visit their online application site, call the toll free phone number, or scan the barcode on your offer letter.  All three options are available to you to apply for the Amex Platinum Card.  

American Express Platinum Card Highlights

How to Apply Online

Complete the rest of the online application until the end and click Submit.  You will receive an instant decision that is quick, only taking a minute or so.  If you are approved for a card you will be extended a credit limit and your new Amex Express Platinum card sent to your mailing address.

How to Apply by Phone

Consumers that are interested in speaking with an Amex representative and applying over the phone can call the toll free number below:

Call 1-877-801-4221

How to Apply by Smartphone

On the offer letter you received in the mail there is a barcode you can scan with your phone camera.  This is another way to access the application and complete it via your phone versus applying online at 

  • Find the barcode on your offer letter
  • Use your smartphone camera to scan the barcode
  • The application should appear
  • Follow the instructions and complete the application

American Express Platinum Card RSVP Code

Consumers that received an offer letter to apply for the Amex Platinum credit card will need to use their American Express Platinum Card RSVP Code.  It’s a 14 digit number located on the offer letter and will be required to complete the application.

Preapproved means that the consumer has met certain financial qualifications to apply for the American Express Platinum card but approval is not necessarily guaranteed.  They will still need to meet certain criteria such as before visiting the application site at

  • Credit score
  • Credit report issues
  • Previous history as a customer
  • Ability to repay

This is a small list of criteria that are taken into consideration before a customer is approved for a card.

Other Benefits

This card offers new customers a host of other benefits just waiting for them after getting approved.  Here is a list of other highlights:

  • New cardholders can receive over $1400 in value every year by having this membership
  • $240 digital entertainment credit
  • $200 Uber cash credit
  • $200 hotel credit
  • $300 Equinox credit
  • $200 airline fee credit
  • $100 Saks credit
  • $179 Clear credit


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