Discover activate – Discover Card Activation

Discover customers that recently received a new Discover card in the mail can activate their card online or by phone.  The process is short and won’t take but a few minutes of your time. Here is a complete guide on how to activate your Discover card.

Discover Activate Online

When starting the activation process customers should have their new card handy so they can input their card info into the activation fields.

This allows users with or without a Discover card to activate their card, so select if you have an account or not.

If you select Log In then you will need to enter your Discover login credentials which includes entering in the following details:

  • User ID
  • Password
  • 3 digit sequence ID
  • Click the Orange Continue button

If you select Without Logging In then be prepared to enter the following info:

  • Enter date of birth
  • Enter last 4 digits of ssn
  • Enter 16 digit card number
  • Enter card expiration date
  • Enter 3 digit sequence ID
  • Click the orange Continue button

All of the above information is located on the back of the Discover card.

Discover Activation By Phone

If you would like to activate your new Discover card over the phone you will need to call the toll free number on the back of your card or this one 1-800-347-2683.  You can speak with a customer representative who can activate your card personally.

Be prepared to offer them some basic card information in the process.  After your card is activated you can begin using it wherever Discover is accepted.

Sign Up For Discover Card Account

For those that activated their card at without logging in should consider enrolling in the online service.  There are a number of benefits that will make your entire credit card experience much easier and convenient.  Here is a list of benefits for those with an online account:

Discover Mailing Address

Discover Financial Services

PO Box 6103

Carol Stream, IL  60197-6103


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