Discover Check Status Online- Discover Card Approval

Customers that recently applied for a Discover Card but did not receive an instant decision can check on the status of their pending credit card application online at  There are 2 ways to check the progress of your application which are online and by phone.

Discover Card Check Status

To check your Discover card status online visit the Discover Card Application page.  At the site you will need to enter your Social Security number and 5 digit zip code.  The last step is to hit CONTINUE and then view your status.

How to Check Discover Card Status by Phone

If you’re not interested in waiting for an update on your account through the online portal you can call to speak with Discover card customer service in person.  Agents are available 24 hours a day to receive phone calls and you will be able to speak with someone live.

  • Call 1-800-347-3085
  • There are a series of menu options you will have to scroll through before being routed to the appropriate Agent.  To speed up the process and avoid these steps simply press # and then 4.  This will connect you with the right Agent to speak with

Either step is fast and will get you an answer on the progress of your Discover card status.  The call in option is probably better as you can ask questions and get a more detailed answer on why you were denied.  

What Does Discover Pending Status Mean

There could be any number of reasons why your application wasn’t instantly approved or is pending further review.  Discover basically needs to review the information you submitted on your application and make certain verifications.  They have financial criteria that they base credit approval on.

Some reasons that could cause a pending status are application misspellings, wrong information entered, possible identity theft issues, credit history, credit score, etc.  Many of these issues can be corrected by calling and speaking to an Agent.  You can avoid a day or two of waiting by simply calling the 1-800 number.


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